Clever Choice Comfort EZ Syringes & Pen Needles

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The type of insulin syringe or pen needle that a patient uses can play a key role in reducing painful injections. Clever Choice Comfort EZ syringes and pen needles are an excellent product which can offer virtually pain free injections.

  1. Comfort EZ syringes have a multifaceted bevel which contains a lubricant coating allowing for smooth and comfortable injections. (After initial use with any syringe or pen needle the lubricant comes off and dulls the needle. You should use a syringe or pen needle for one use only to have the sharpest and most pain free stick.)
  2. Comfort EZ syringes and pen needles come in various sizes. The syringes come in gauge size of 28-31G. The smaller the gauge (28) the thicker the needle. The higher the gauges number (31) the thinner the needle.
  3. Comfort EZ syringes also come in different sizes depending upon the amount of insulin you are required to take. You can purchase a 3/10 cc syringe, a 5/10 cc syringe or a 1 cc syringe.
  4. Comfort EZ pen needles offer a universal fit to all pens sold in the U.S. The pen needles attach securely to the pen which prevents needle pop off during an injection.
  5. Comfort EZ syringes and pen needles are for all sizes of people requiring insulin and are easy to use at all acceptable injection sites.
  6. Comfort EZ syringes and pen needles are non toxic, non-pyrogenic (do not cause inflammation) and are latex free.
  7. Comfort EZ syringes and pen needles offer maximum comfort, excellent value, and are made from ultra fine stainless surgical steel.
  8. Comfort EZ syringes and pen needles are manufactured to the highest levels possible for production of a single use syringe or pen needle. The product is subject to 100% needle point inspection which assures the highest and finest quality.
  9. Comfort EZ syringes and pen needles are easy to read with graduated numbers which minimize dosing errors.
Clever Choice Comfort EZ Pen Needles & Syringes

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