Natural Remedies and Diabetes

Sep 11, 2023

Diabetes and Headaches: Is There A Link?

By Roberta Kleinman|2024-01-17T15:10:26-05:00Updated: September 11th, 2023|Complications, Diabetes Management, Diet & Nutrition, Health & Wellness, Natural Remedies|0 Comments

Diabetes is not directly related to causing headaches and headaches are not always a symptom of diabetes but there are certain situations where the two medical conditions are connected. Diabetes can trigger severe head pain at specific times.

Changes in blood sugars, either low or high, is one reason people with diabetes suffer with headaches. “The more […]

Mar 28, 2023

Better Health? Break These 10 Habits

By Roberta Kleinman|2024-01-17T14:48:37-05:00Updated: March 28th, 2023|General Information, Health & Wellness, Natural Remedies|0 Comments

Attaining better health remains on our minds more than ever since the 2020 COVID outbreak. Everyone’s present goal should be to feel better and maintain the function of our bodies to the best of our ability. You can’t control everything around you, but there still is a lot you can do. Hopefully, you are aware that […]

Apr 5, 2021

Varicose Vein Issues and Diabetes

By Roberta Kleinman|2021-04-05T14:15:21-04:00Updated: April 5th, 2021|Complications, General Information, Health & Wellness, Natural Remedies|2 Comments

People with diabetes are more prone to blood vessel flow problems known as peripheral vascular disease (PAD) and nerve ending issues, called neuropathy. Excess glucose creates damage to your blood vessels and nerves – especially the smaller vessels – and weakens your veins. Although there is no direct link between diabetes and varicose veins, many people […]

Jul 31, 2019

3 Holistic Ways to Deal with Diabetes

By Roberta Kleinman|2023-09-20T15:15:45-04:00Updated: July 31st, 2019|Diabetes Management, Health & Wellness, Natural Remedies|0 Comments

Holistic ways to deal with diabetes refer to an overall approach to better control diabetes and its potential complications. While natural remedies and alternative medicine are not a substitute for traditional medications, they may complement your current diabetes self-management routine. Discover 3 holistic ways to deal with diabetes for better health.

Traditional Medication and Lifestyle Changes

The traditional […]

Sep 19, 2016

How Can Meditation Help Diabetes?

By ADW|2016-09-07T09:13:32-04:00Updated: September 19th, 2016|Health & Wellness, Natural Remedies|1 Comment

People with diabetes face the stress of constantly managing the condition and the risk of related health issues. Meditation can help diabetes by reducing stress, lowering blood sugar levels and minimizing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Find out how taking some quiet time to meditate can help people manage diabetes and achieve improved overall well-being.

Meditation is […]

Jul 18, 2016

Diabetes Wound Care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

By ADW|2017-10-23T16:13:24-04:00Updated: July 18th, 2016|Complications, Diabetes Management, General Information, Natural Remedies|0 Comments

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy was originally used as a scuba diver treatment relating to decompression sickness but now is used to treat multiple conditions including diabetic wounds. It can also be used to treat burns and flesh eating wounds caused by bacteria. It is often promoted as an effective treatment for diabetic foot wounds and other potentially […]

Oct 16, 2014

Alternative Therapies for Diabetes Management

By ADW|2018-01-24T14:46:22-05:00Updated: October 16th, 2014|Diabetes Management, Natural Remedies|0 Comments

Everyone is buzzing about using alternative therapies with diabetes but do any of them really work? While there is no substitute for visits to the doctor and formal medical treatment, certain alternative therapies may be helpful. Discover more about alternative therapies and remember to consult with your physician before making any changes in your diabetes self-management […]

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