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Diabetes Tips To Get You Through Halloween

Here comes the succession of holidays, "with the food holiday spiral" of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. According to USA Today, "4% of all candy consumed in the US is eaten on that single day called Halloween."

Pet Care

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Diabetic Dogs and Allergy Issues | Ask Dr. Joi

I get some great questions from clients. They inspire me with article ideas and keep me in tune with diabetic pet owners. I enjoy interacting with our readers, and sometimes the questions are worthy of a newsletter. I bet if one person has this question and takes the time to write me, there are likely lots of folks with a similar question.

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Diabetes 101: Signs & Symptoms

Knowing the basics about diabetes helps identify what puts people at risk for developing the disease. Some people are living with diabetes and don’t even know it. According to the CDC, who just released the 2017 Diabetes Statistics Report, "30.3 million or 9.4% of the population in the US have diabetes.

The New Year and You – Happy 2018 Year of the Dog!

The New Year is here and like most individuals, you may be putting together a list of changes you would like to make in this coming year. Humans tend to be goal-oriented which makes us different from other species. Being human also prevents us from always achieving the goals we set.

Zesty Broccoli Salad

Ingredients 4 cups fresh small broccoli florets 1 cup thinly sliced purple onion rings 1/2 cup sweetened, dried cranberries 1/2 cup reduced-fat Italian dressing 2 tablespoons dry-roasted sunflower seeds Directions Combine all...

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