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Who is ADW Diabetes?

We Keep Diabetes Management Affordable

An important factor in successfully managing diabetes is the ability to afford and easily access much-needed diabetic supplies. Many middle and low income patients with diabetes who are not insured simply cannot afford the essential products that are necessary to control their diabetes.

At ADW Diabetes, we are dedicated to offering these important products at a savings of up to 60%. For those of you purchasing diabetic products out-of-pocket, without the benefit of Medicare or other insurances, these savings can be significant.

We Give Our Customers Choices

ADW Diabetes offers a wide range of diabetic products, from test strips and glucose monitors to insulin pump supplies. In fact, we offer almost every supply diabetic patients would need to maintain their health. We also stock all major brands, so you can determine which brand meets your needs.

Our Commitment is to Serving You

Beyond the savings, it is our commitment to you that drives every member of our team. Since 2002, the entire ADW Team is genuinely interested in the health and well-being of every patient we serve. Our trained staff welcomes all of your questions and is available Monday through Friday 9am to 5:00pm (Eastern). You can call toll free at 877-241-9002 or e-mail us at [email protected].

Who We Are and What We Do

Our focus is on affordability, especially for non- or under-insured diabetes patients, as well as for anyone else paying out of pocket. We have established programs with doctors, nurses, clinics, and diabetes educators across the country in an ongoing effort to help their patients manage diabetes and achieve their health goals.

ADW in the Community

At ADW, we do more than just offer products. In an ongoing commitment to working together for a healthier, more active lifestyle, ADW team members participate in local and national health fairs, fundraisers and trade shows. Our hard-working employees frequently volunteer for events that benefit diabetics and their families. As a company, we contribute to, volunteer for and sponsor organizations such as:

  • American Diabetes Association (ADA)
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)
  • American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE)
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