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New Products for BD U-40 Pet Syringes

Becton Dickinson (BD) has been manufacturing syringes for more than a century. Leaders in the industry, it is very likely that the doctor’s and veterinary offices that you visit use the BD brand. Recently, BD has introduced two new pet syringes for U-40 with half unit markings, specifically for insulin injection for diabetic pets. BD U-40 Pet Syringes are designed to help your cats and dogs live a happy and health life.

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AlphaTrak Glucometer

AlphaTRAK is the diabetes glucose monitor used in most veterinary clinics. AlphaTRAK was determined to provide statistically equivalent blood glucose results compared to the results obtained through Antech Diagnostic Laboratory (a large, national, quality veterinary diagnostic laboratory).

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Greenies Treats

Greenies treats are widely used in the veterinary community. Greenies products give pet owners the enjoyment of treating our dogs and cats with a treat they love while sneaking in some health benefits. All of the Greenies dental...

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Accubase A1C Test Kit

The AccuBase A1C Test Kit is a non-fasting method to check for abnormal homoglobins. The test reports an A1C answer and calculates average Glucose in mg/dl units. You simply stick your finger, take the test and mail it in. The...

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Frio Insulin Wallets

The Frio insulin products helps keep your insulin’s temperature cool when you travel, go to work or go to school. A Frio wallet makes storing insulin a breeze. Unlike many other insulin cases, the insulin travel wallet is easy...

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Dreamfields Pasta

Dreamfields Pasta comes in a variety of conventional forms including spaghetti, elbows, lasagna, rotini, linguini, angel hair and penne rigate. Feast on your favorite dishes with no guilt or worries when you include delicious...

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PharmaPet Products

PharmaPet has made the art of medicating pets easier. Veterinary client compliance (clients adhering to the doctor’s recommendations) can improve with this product line. Clients never intentionally stop the medications early....

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