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Our More on Diabetes articles will provide helpful diabetes and health information on topics including diabetes management, exercise, diabetic recipes, diabetes complications, diet and nutrition, pet diabetes and more. Articles are written or reviewed by healthcare professionals who have experience in diabetes and health education.

Outdoor Grilling, Picnic’s and Summer Fun with Diabetes

Summertime is now in full swing and you should be enjoying the rewarding and exciting experiences of the season. Some of the favorite activities discussed by our diabetes management patients are the outdoor Grilling, BBQ or a lazy afternoon picnic at the park or beach with friends or at a family reunion. Having diabetes or another chronic condition should make you think more about proper planning.

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More Questions Related to Diabetes with Nurse Robbie

It always amazes me to hear some of the pertinent questions asked by our patients with diabetes when in diabetes management sessions. I’m certain that many of you have similar concerns but may not have anyone locally to ask or be the person to write in to ADW diabetes. So, I intend to share recently asked questions to offer you the needed information. Here we go:

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