Cat Diabetes and Dog Diabetes

Jun 7, 2018

Can’t I Just Give My Pet a Prescribed Dose of Insulin and Be Done with It?

By |2018-07-09T08:46:24+00:00June 7th, 2018|Pet Care, Pet Diabetes, Pet Newsletter|4 Comments

Many veterinary clients get irritated when veterinarians ask them to run blood glucose curves to assess the insulin dosage for their diabetic pets. When we prescribe antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medications we don't make clients poke the pet periodically to assess the dosage! Why do we pick on diabetic pet owners?

Apr 17, 2018

Don’t Feel Badly About Poking Fluffy | Getting a Pet Glucose Curve

By |2018-04-19T08:58:16+00:00April 17th, 2018|Pet Care, Pet Diabetes, Pet Newsletter|14 Comments

Two weeks ago I had a client who forced my hand and made me do a blood glucose curve in my clinic. Normally I expect, and strongly encourage, my clients to run their curves at home to avoid the complication of "stress hyperglycemia". This phenomenon is when the liver turns stored glycogen into glucose when a pet is stressed.

Mar 8, 2018

What Does a Normal Glucose Curve Look Like?

By |2018-03-12T12:42:51+00:00March 8th, 2018|Pet Care, Pet Diabetes, Pet Newsletter|9 Comments

Last week I received an email from one of our clients asking for me to explain what a normal glucose curve looks like. Ha! There are lots of factors that affect a pet's blood glucose curve. There are pets that have great curves from the start and those (who like a baby who won't sleep through the night) make pet owners want to pull out their hair.

Mar 1, 2018

Diabetic Dogs and Allergy Issues | Ask Dr. Joi

By |2018-03-01T09:14:54+00:00March 1st, 2018|Pet Care, Pet Diabetes, Pet Grooming, Pet Newsletter|5 Comments

I get some great questions from clients. They inspire me with article ideas and keep me in tune with diabetic pet owners. I enjoy interacting with our readers, and sometimes the questions are worthy of a newsletter. I bet if one person has this question and takes the time to write me, there are likely lots of folks with a similar question.

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