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Aug 1, 2018

Lyme Disease Is on the Rise in Dogs

By Dr . Joi Sutton|2018-08-15T14:22:02-04:00Updated: August 1st, 2018|Pet Care, Pet Grooming, Pet Newsletter|2 Comments

As you know I am the staff veterinarian for ADW Diabetes, but I also own and run a small animal practice in South Florida. I enjoy treating diabetic pets and getting them on the right track, but I treat all sorts of diseases at my small animal clinic. Recently I've noticed a rise in Lyme Disease in dogs with the rising temperatures. I especially stress wellness care for my patients.

Mar 1, 2018

Diabetic Dogs and Allergy Issues | Ask Dr. Joi

By Dr . Joi Sutton|2018-03-01T09:14:54-05:00Updated: March 1st, 2018|Pet Care, Pet Diabetes, Pet Grooming, Pet Newsletter|13 Comments

I get some great questions from clients. They inspire me with article ideas and keep me in tune with diabetic pet owners. I enjoy interacting with our readers, and sometimes the questions are worthy of a newsletter. I bet if one person has this question and takes the time to write me, there are likely lots of folks with a similar question.

Feb 21, 2018

Which Heartworm & Flea Preventatives Are Best For My Pet?

By Dr . Joi Sutton|2018-02-05T13:34:18-05:00Updated: February 21st, 2018|Pet Care, Pet Grooming, Pet Newsletter|17 Comments

2018 marks my 25th year as a veterinarian. In that time I've seen lots of heartworm and flea products come onto the market. They all have their pros and cons. I know you likely read this newsletter because your pet has diabetes, but there is a good chance that your pet needs flea or heartworm prevention meds as well!

Sep 15, 2016

Immunotherapy for Allergic Dogs

By Dr . Joi Sutton|2016-09-15T08:25:52-04:00Updated: September 15th, 2016|Pet Care, Pet Grooming, Pet Newsletter|0 Comments

Boy do I see a lot of allergy dogs in South Florida! A clinic day doesn’t go by without me chatting about possible allergies, especially dogs with hay fever. The fancy term for hay fever is atopic dermatitis. It’s heartbreaking to see a pet lick or scratch itself until there is hair loss and skin sores. […]

Jun 14, 2012

More of Dr. Joi’s Favorite Products

By Dr . Joi Sutton|2017-10-24T13:24:01-04:00Updated: June 14th, 2012|Pet Care, Pet Diabetes, Pet Diet & Nutrition, Pet Grooming, Pet Newsletter|0 Comments

At American Diabetes Wholesale, we know that diabetic pets often have issues other than diabetes. We are on the lookout for products that our clients need, whether it be shampoos, probiotics, treats, nutriceuticals, etc. As a veterinarian, there are products that I trust and use in my own practice. ADW is now carrying some of these […]

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