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Should a pregnant woman with diabetes exercise?

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  • Should a pregnant woman with diabetes exercise?

    Exercise is preferred and recommended for women with gestational diabetes. It can help control diabetes by prompting the body to use insulin more efficiently.

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    As long as your doctor approves of you exercising then you should. It is very helpful and you will feel so much better throughout the pregnancy.


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      I would think that walking and gentle exercise would always be appropriate.

      Would that be any different for a diabetic mom?


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        I think exercise like a walk or something lite not to much because for diabetic mothers the risk of premature labor is higher.


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          I would bet that not doing any exercise is a lot more dangerous for Mom and baby than doing light exercise. When a woman is carrying a baby, she needs to keep her strength up and her circulation at the best it can be.

          As long as her doctor says that she can, then there is no reason that a new Mom shouldn't exercise. As long as she doesn't go about doing it until she's sick with fatigue or if she wants to go outside in a thunder shower, then she should exercise.


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            depends on the exercise

            i would say proper exercise is more the norm. Unless he has certain complications.


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              As long as the woman doesn't overexert herself, I don't think her having diabetes should have too much of an effect on her exercising.