Author: Roberta Kleinman

Why the Rising Cost of Insulin?

Recently, during diabetes management counseling sessions, I taught several patients with type 1 or 2 diabetes about the cost of insulin. They were having trouble affording their daily insulin injections even with health insurance. According to a Bloomberg news report “5 of the 27 branded drugs were diabetes drugs, which climbed at least 20% in cost in the past year.” A study in JAMA (Journal of The American Medical Association) states, “insulin prices have tripled from 2002-2013.” The ADA (American Diabetes Association) announced “a resolution and petition that calls for transparency in the insulin supply chain to ensure insulin...

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Take Charge of Your Diabetes in the New Year

OK, It’s A New Year, Now What? You may have decided that it was ok to have a laid back attitude towards your diabetes care during the holiday season. Many of you may have splurged on all the goodies and tasty treats without blinking an eye and put your daily exercise on the back burner. There were too many obligations and needs that came before dealing with diabetes. The holiday season is now over and whether you were naughty or nice no longer matters. You may have lost momentum but now is the perfect time to get back to...

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Nurse Robbie’s Winter Foot Care Tips

Most of the rest of the country was in a deep cold snap, but they are much more prepared for the cold weather than those of us in Florida. Being prepared is key to many things, including when people with diabetes deal with proper foot care, especially during the winter. Here is your winter foot care list to prevent any foot injuries or complications: Blood Sugar Control Maintain healthy BG levels and try to achieve an A1C of 6.5%-7.0% at all times. This can delay small vessel disease, which includes the eyes, kidneys, and feet. Daily Foot Exams This...

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12 Strategies to Help Your Diabetes Management This Holiday Season

We generally request a 4-6 week follow-up appointment after the initial diabetes management 1-on-1 consultation to help patients stay focused and on track. Since it is mid-December we tried to have the patients return in late January for that next visit. Almost every patient declined the appointment which was offered. The responses were all very similar, “give me time to get back on track after the holidays and I will come see you in February.” Unfortunately, this is not the best way to get on board with diabetes management. This indicates they are already planning on “being bad” before...

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7 Tips to Boost Your Winter Immunity

Getting sick during the winter months tends to happen more frequently – especially when you have a chronic illness like diabetes. Windows are closed, people stay indoors and germs seem to linger. Flu season is at its height and lasts through the end of February. Extreme changes in temperature, busy schedules and daily stress just make it worse. Let’s look at simple ways to help keep you healthy all winter long. Reduce inflammation Inflammation is known to have an affect on everything from the common cold, to the flu, to chronic diseases. When inflammation is reduced or limited, your...

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