Author: Roberta Kleinman

Clinical Developments And More

Each year diabetes treatment becomes more sophisticated with new technology, better medications and increased knowledge and awareness from our medical practitioners. Certain aspects of diabetes treatment remains the same throughout the years, but following old protocols might not be enough for blood sugar control in the upcoming year. Let’s examine some of the latest trends and old standby advice that you can include in your diabetes treatment plan to make this an improved year of control: Advances in Cardiovascular Disease in Diabetes Patients Many previous diabetes medications have not been able to prove effective in “halting or protecting against...

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What Exactly is Type 3 Diabetes?

According to Dr. Mark Hyman, a well-known physician/author who focuses on diabetes, heart disease and diet, “10% of 65 year olds, 25% of 75 year olds and 50% of 85 year olds will develop dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.” Along with diabetes and obesity, it is a global epidemic. Alzheimer’s is the top form of dementia and now the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. Alzheimer’s is a brain disease that is progressive, often starts with forgetfulness and confusion, in which the brain’s nerve cells degenerate. It can then affect personalities, moods and language leading to behavior...

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16 Tips for Eating in the Real World with Diabetes

Since the holiday season has ended, I have been counseling diabetes patients who are unhappy with their seasonal weight gain along with elevated A1C values and uncontrolled daily blood sugars. Many of their physicians have “threatened them with insulin” unless they give “diet and exercise” a real try. Some patients just rather take the medication then be committed to change, but most definitely want to give the “diet and exercise” route a fair chance. The information below is tried and true for many patients I have counseled since 1990 to achieve better health in the New Year. Some of...

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Why the Rising Cost of Insulin?

Recently, during diabetes management counseling sessions, I taught several patients with type 1 or 2 diabetes about the cost of insulin. They were having trouble affording their daily insulin injections even with health insurance. According to a Bloomberg news report “5 of the 27 branded drugs were diabetes drugs, which climbed at least 20% in cost in the past year.” A study in JAMA (Journal of The American Medical Association) states, “insulin prices have tripled from 2002-2013.” The ADA (American Diabetes Association) announced “a resolution and petition that calls for transparency in the insulin supply chain to ensure insulin...

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Take Charge of Your Diabetes in the New Year

OK, It’s A New Year, Now What? You may have decided that it was ok to have a laid back attitude towards your diabetes care during the holiday season. Many of you may have splurged on all the goodies and tasty treats without blinking an eye and put your daily exercise on the back burner. There were too many obligations and needs that came before dealing with diabetes. The holiday season is now over and whether you were naughty or nice no longer matters. You may have lost momentum but now is the perfect time to get back to...

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