Author: Roberta Kleinman

12 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips | Part 1

The clock has sprung forward, giving us more precious daylight hours. Spring season tends to be a time when we reevaluate the old, refresh ourselves and our homes. I wanted to share some tips which may make you think about new behaviors to enhance overall health. Look for a second installment next week for even more tips. 1. Cleaning Tips in The Kitchen Start by clearing out all sweet drinks including sweet tea, fruit juice, sport drinks and regular soda. I often hear that these drinks are for “someone else in the house” but if you can’t resist them...

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5 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Home

According to the F.D.A., 2/3 of Americans have expired medication in their cabinets at any given time. Only 42% of Americans clean organize and restock their medical prescriptions and OTC supplies on a yearly basis. Another alarming statistic is that only 80% of Americans clean out expired foods from their refrigerators. Now that we are in March, plan to look around your house and make it a safer home for everyone. Here are 5 spring cleaning tips to consider: 1. Start with the bathroom medicine cabinet If you do store blood glucose testing supplies or prescription medications in the...

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15 Quick Food Safety Tips

“48 million Americans suffer from food poisoning each year”. Today’s bacteria are more virulent and harder to control than past years. Due to antibiotic overuse in the animal population, coupled with resistance to pesticides, it becomes more difficult to keep our food sources healthy and us safe. Another common practice of liberally using hand sanitizers over soap and water has affected our ability to temper food poisoning. Food poisoning is on the rise and holds higher consequences for the young, the old, those with immune disorders and those who suffer from a chronic illness such as diabetes. Simple food...

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Simple, Old Fashioned Foot Care with Diabetes

This week during diabetes management teaching sessions, I interacted with 3 new onset Type 2 diabetes patients who were mystified about dealing with “foot awareness” and the need for scrupulous foot care. Since diabetes education can be overwhelming at the initial visit, I try to keep each aspect of care very simple and basic. The patients are generally offered future educational visits, depending on the insurance plan, which address more detailed and specific recommendations. We are in the middle of winter and although many of us have experienced a particularly mild winter season, I thought it was a perfect...

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Clinical Developments And More

Each year diabetes treatment becomes more sophisticated with new technology, better medications and increased knowledge and awareness from our medical practitioners. Certain aspects of diabetes treatment remains the same throughout the years, but following old protocols might not be enough for blood sugar control in the upcoming year. Let’s examine some of the latest trends and old standby advice that you can include in your diabetes treatment plan to make this an improved year of control: Advances in Cardiovascular Disease in Diabetes Patients Many previous diabetes medications have not been able to prove effective in “halting or protecting against...

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