Author: Roberta Kleinman

Fall Tips to Be & Stay Healthy – Part 1

Fall season is often a good time to look at your present health practices or lack of them. Most people who have health insurance have already met their yearly deductibles, and are more willing to schedule physician recommended tests and examinations. Let’s review some easy tips to consider while improving your health. The upcoming holiday season may seem less stressful and more enjoyable when you feel well.

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There is Never a Better Time to Learn (or Re-Learn) The Basics of Diabetes

As fall season approaches, it is a good time to review diabetes basics. Although some of you may already know the basics, you can never stop learning. See how well you do on the following questions. Remember that “medical costs and lost work and wages for those with diabetes totals $245 million dollars yearly.” See what you can do to lower these costs.

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Common Diabetes Questions Get Answered

We like to continue to share some of the ongoing questions and answers from the diabetes self- management classes. This brings awareness to other patients like you and what you may be asking. Always feel free to share your diabetes questions with us and our readers. What is sprouted bread and is it good if I have diabetes? One of the new buzz words in the health food market is “sprouted.” Sprouted bread tends to have less impact on blood sugars and is loaded with nutrients. Sprouted bread was originally only found in the freezer or refrigerator section of...

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