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New Products for BD U-40 Pet Syringes

Becton Dickinson (BD) has been manufacturing syringes for more than a century. Leaders in the industry, it is very likely that the doctor’s and veterinary offices that you visit use the BD brand. Recently, BD has introduced two new pet syringes for U-40 with half unit markings, specifically for insulin injection for diabetic pets. BD U-40 Pet Syringes are designed to help your cats and dogs live a happy and health life.

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New Product Spotlight: Latest Diabetes Products June 2011

At ADW Diabetes, we strive to keep our patients updated on the latest technological advancements & new products for managing diabetes. These product spotlights help drive our commitment to our patients to provide you with information that will make this daily process as easy as possible to manage, while also providing you with tremendous savings opportunities.

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