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When patients are confronted with taking insulin injections for diabetes treatment, the choices can be over whelming. You and your physician can choose from pre-loaded pens with disposable needles or bottles of insulin with disposable syringes. The choice usually depends on the cost, availability, ease of delivery as well as personal preference. If the bottle and syringe method is chosen, than you should be aware of certain differences in the supplies.

BD Medical has been a world leader in the production of needles and syringes. In 1924, they invented the first insulin syringe made of glass. It was heavy, difficult to hold and required sterilization between injections. After years in development, in 1961, BD created the first disposable Plastipak syringe. It was light weight, easy to use and great for people requiring multiple daily injections. They were also the first to develop the sharps disposal container which helped decrease the growing concern of medical waste for safety and used needles. BD was recognized in 2002, by Forbes magazine as one of “America’s Most Admired Companies” due to the quality of the products and its desire to assist hospitals in complying with certain mandates for medical devices.

BD syringes are the most recommended syringes by diabetes educators because of the high quality, ease of reading the scale on the syringe, sharpness of the needle due to the lubricant coating, the stainless steel material, ease of the plunger mechanism and being free of rubber latex. BD manufactures specific insulin syringes in unit measurement along with various gauge and needle lengths.

Some common questions are:

  1. What are my barrel choices? Depending on the amount of insulin prescribed by your physician, you can have a 3/10cc or 30 unit size, a1/2cc or 50unit size or 1cc or 100 unit size. The smaller syringe is perfect for smaller doses of insulin. Please remember, these are one time disposable syringes.
  2. What does the gauge of the needle indicate? The larger the gauge, the thinner the needle. For example, the 31 gauge is thinner than the 30 gauge. Speak to your physician about which gauge you should use depending on your body size and the viscosity of the medicine.
  3. What about the needle length? The 12.7 or 1/2inch needle is 37% longer than the 5/16 inch needle. Again, check to see what a good fit is for you depending on injection location and your body fat.

BD has given us a wonderful disposable product for insulin injection therapy. Be aware of your choices and make the best decision for you.

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