A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Dexcom G7 Receiver Features

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The cutting-edge Dexcom G7 receiver can be a life-changing device, as it allows you to track your glucose levels easily and accurately in real-time with no fingersticks, calibration, or scanning required. Being able to monitor your levels so efficiently lets you make fast, informed decisions regarding your dietary supplements, activities, and medications, naturally helping you stay healthier with minimal hassle.

How does the Dexcom G7 work? While the device is user-friendly, it does come with a lot of impressive features that may be overwhelming at first glance. We’re happy to provide in-depth guidance about the Dexcom G7, including how to use it and the advanced features you can look forward to using. Here’s a look at the many ways the Dexcom G7 receiver is a life enhancer!

1. The Basics

Before we cover the receiver’s features, let’s talk about its purpose. The Dexcom G7 receiver is a dedicated device that connects to the Dexcom G7 All-In-One Sensor & Transmitter, which is worn on your body. It displays all of your data for quick and convenient access. While you can also use a smartphone or smartwatch to monitor your levels, many people prefer having a dedicated device that’s just for the G7 system.

2. Wear Cycle

The sensor is meant to be worn for 10 days and has a grace period of 12 hours. To accommodate this time frame, the Dexcom G7 receiver has a life of 10 days, thanks to its rechargeable battery (charger included). No replacement batteries are required!

3. Unmatched Accuracy

A man sitting at a table writing diabetes data in a notebookHow does Dexcom G7 work so well? The Dexcom G7 is known for being the most accurate continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system because of its low MARD (mean absolute relative difference) number, which is a statistical measurement that uses a percentage figure to show the difference in accuracy between a CGM device and a reference measurement.

A percentage figure under 10% is considered to be very accurate, and the Dexcom G7 has a MARD number of 8.2% for adults and 8.1% for children. That high level of accuracy could make the Dexcom G7 receiver a life-saving device for those who require extremely precise glucose measurements that you may not get from other diabetes glucose meters.

4. Intuitive Touchscreen

The receiver has a high-resolution color touchscreen that delivers exceptional readability and usability, even for those who aren’t the most tech-savvy. If you’re hesitant to use advanced technology—don’t worry! Dexcom did a fantastic job making their G7 system extremely beginner-friendly.

5. Simple Setup

One great thing about the Dexcom G7 is that learning how to use it is a breeze. Turn the device on by holding the Select button for 3 seconds. From there, the screen will show a tutorial that walks you through the setup process and the device’s features and functions step by step.

6. Customizable Alerts

A woman taking insulinCustomizable alerts make the Dexcom G7 receiver a potentially life-saving addition to your diabetes management plan. How does Dexcom G7 work? It delivers rapid and reliable notifications based on your unique needs and preferences.

Here’s a look at the alert options:

Urgent Low Soon: The Urgent Low Soon alert helps you avoid hypoglycemic events by delivering a warning 20 minutes before you reach 55 mg/dL.

Urgent Low: When your sensor shows a level of 55 mg/dL or below, you receive an Urgent Low alert.

Rising/Falling Fast: If your sensor is showing that your levels are rising or falling rapidly, the Dexcom G7 receiver can be a life-saver thanks to its real-time alert.

Low Glucose: The Low Glucose alert occurs whenever your sensor reaches is at or below a level that you specify. The trend graph will show this alert as a red line.

High Glucose: The High Glucose alert occurs whenever your sensor reaches is at or above a level that you specify. The trend graph will show this alert as a yellow line.

You can even customize how you receive alerts. For example, you can choose to receive visual or vibration notifications. You can delay the first high alert until the sensor has shown high levels for a user-specified amount of time. The Dexcom G7 receiver is a life-improving device because it really puts you in full control of its performance.

7. Data Sharing

How does Dexcom G7 work as part of a diabetes management plan with a health care professional, friends, or family? By pairing the device with the Dexcom smartphone app, you can share your data with up to 10 people. This feature helps you work together to find and implement a personalized diabetes management plan that’s based on concrete data.

8. Fast Warmup

The Dexcom G7 warms up in just 30 minutes—that’s twice as fast as other CGMs. This feature makes the Dexcom G7 receiver a life enhancer because less downtime means you’re able to stay on top of your levels more efficiently.

9. Works for All Types of Diabetes

A health care professional sitting at a table with a mother and daughterThe Dexcom G7 CGM system can be used by people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. It can also be used during pregnancy. The system is also suitable for children ages two and up.

10. Automatic Pairing

As soon as you apply a new sensor, the Dexcom G7 receiver will pair to it automatically—no manual pairing is required.

A Modern Solution for Modern Living

Using cutting-edge diabetes technology can drastically improve your overall quality of life in many ways, and the Dexcom G7 receiver life-enhancing device is a perfect example!

How does Dexcom G7 work as a way to make your diabetes management plan better? Besides providing real-time data that puts you in control of decisions that affect your health, the G7 system is comfortable and designed to be non-intrusive, giving you the freedom to live your best life. Whether you’re swimming, exercising, or traveling, the Dexcom G7 system just works.

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