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Feb 16, 2011

Diachieve Omega-3: Product Alert

By ADW Diabetes|2019-12-11T10:57:50-05:00Updated: February 16th, 2011|New Products|0 Comments

Introducing Diachieve Omega-3

Introducing Diachieve Omega-3

“I recommend Diachieve Omega-3 because it contains optimal amounts of EPA and DHA. It can help prevent heart disease and other complications for those with diabetes and for those without diabetes and is also beneficial in people who already suffer from […]

Sep 29, 2010

Introducing Diachieve Diabetic Foot Therapy

By ADW Diabetes|2022-08-16T16:26:57-04:00Updated: September 29th, 2010|Foot Care, New Products|0 Comments

American Diabetes Wholesale is proud to introduce Diachieve™ Brand Diabetic Foot Therapy & Moisturizing Skin Creams. The Diachieve line of Foot Therapy Creams and Moisturizing Skin Creams were specifically developed to cater to the special skin care needs of people with diabetes.

Feb 22, 2010

Bayer Contour USB Glucose Meter Special Offer

By ADW Diabetes|2017-10-18T15:18:21-04:00Updated: February 22nd, 2010|New Products|0 Comments

Bayer Contour USB FREE Test StripsBayer has released the remarkable Contour USB blood glucose meter. ADW Diabetes has tied in a special limited-time offer for this cutting edge USB glucose meter. Right now, if you purchase a Bayer Contour USB glucose meter, ADW Diabetes will include 20

Dec 23, 2009

Diabetes Portion Control Plates Now Available

By ADW Diabetes|2022-09-01T14:29:44-04:00Updated: December 23rd, 2009|New Products|0 Comments

Eating right is a big part of managing your diabetes, but there is no doubt that this can be challenging in our modern, “supersized” world of food portions. It’s easy to forget the proper amounts of food and correct balance of the food groups, and this can wreak havoc on your glucose levels as well as […]

Oct 21, 2009

Bayer A1cNow SELF CHECK At-Home A1C System

By ADW Diabetes|2016-06-03T14:46:51-04:00Updated: October 21st, 2009|New Products|0 Comments

Bayer A1cNow Self Check SystemADW Diabetes is now carrying the revolutionary new home testing system by Bayer – the A1cNow Self Check 2-test A1C blood glucose meter. For years, the only place to have an A1C test was in a doctor’s office, but with the A1CNow Self Check testing […]

Jul 8, 2009

Murray Sugar Free Cookies Now Available

By ADW Diabetes|2017-08-28T09:51:14-04:00Updated: July 8th, 2009|New Products|0 Comments

American Diabetes Wholesale is now carrying several flavors of Murray Sugar Free Cookies, in special “on-the-go” packaging. Don’t worry about having to remove your favorite sugar free cookie from the standard larger bag and placing it in a Zip-loc when you’re heading out the door; instead, get one of our combo packages of 10 Murray Sugar […]

Mar 11, 2009

Diabetes Alert Day Offer & Diabetic-Friendly Easter Basket

By ADW Diabetes|2017-05-12T09:51:08-04:00Updated: March 11th, 2009|ADW in the News, New Products|0 Comments

Two great events are coming and we want to make them special:

  • Tuesday, March 24th is American Diabetes Alert Day
  • Sunday, April 12th is Easter

Diabetes Alert Day Offer

To support the effort by the American Diabetes Association to raise diabetes awareness, EXPIRED: we are giving away FREE 1-Year subscriptions to Diabetes Self-Management magazine […]

Mar 10, 2009

New Walden Farms Products at ADW Diabetes

By ADW Diabetes|2018-06-21T15:10:06-04:00Updated: March 10th, 2009|New Products|0 Comments

ADW Diabetes is now carrying some more products from Walden Farms, including their famous calorie free salad dressing! We now carry the smooth Creamy Bacon Salad Dressing, the zesty Italian Sun Dried Tomato Salad Dressing and the light, fresh Raspberry Vinaigrette Salad Dressing.

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