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  • Our cat Lucy

    Lucy is a 15 year old black and white (tuxedo) cat. About a year ago we started to notice she was very underweight and drinking lots of water. She was also starting to lose her sight, which I am told are classic signs of diabetes. We took her to the vet and I was worried sick about the diagnosis, because we are very uneasy with the idea of poking a needle into Lucy, or taking blood tests.

    Luckily for us, the diagnosis came back as a hyperactive thyroid condition. Is it normal for a hyperactive thyroid to exhibit the same symptoms as the onset of diabetes?

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    Yes, hyperthyroidism and diabetes can both present with weight loss and increased thirst. Hyperthyroidism has become increasingly more common as our feline population achieves improved longevity. Thyroid levels are included in many senior blood profiles. Senior cats with increased appetite and thirst while losing weight should be tested for both diabetes and hyperthyroidism. Your vet did well by sending out a full profile.