Author: Dr . Joi Sutton

National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

As veterinarians get better at preventing and treating various diseases, the pet population is getting older. It’s no longer uncommon for me to encounter 16 or 18-year old dogs and meet cats that are even longer lived than that! I’ve long told my cats that they have to live ’til they are 20. So far so good.

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An Old and Thirsty Cat Doesn’t Always Mean Diabetes | Ask Dr. Joi

I get some great questions from clients. They inspire me with article ideas and keep me in tune with diabetic pet owners. I enjoy interacting with our readers, and sometimes the questions are worthy of a newsletter. I bet if one person has this question and takes the time to write me, there are likely lots of folks with a similar question. Today’s question involves a kitty that has been drinking a lot of water.

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