Author: Dr . Joi Sutton

When Kidney Values are Increased in Cats

Today we are going to discuss how we evaluate kidney function in pets. A pet can become dehydrated from a variety of causes. Diabetics need to drink extra just to stay hydrated when the blood glucose is elevated. Kidney values on a blood profile can be increased in a dehydrated pet even if the kidneys are functioning normally. Sometimes we need to re-check kidney values and run a urinalysis to determine if the kidneys are working or not. Sometimes, when a diabetic is in crisis, the kidney values may be increased simply from dehydration. Maybe you are thinking, “Joi,...

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Home Blood Glucose Monitoring | Ask Dr. Joi

Some of the questions I get are worth sharing. These are real life questions from our readers. Your emails are the inspiration for most of my articles and certainly the “Ask Dr. Joi” series. Keep ’em coming! Today we’ll discuss home blood glucose monitoring. Question: Dear Dr. Joi, my vet is charging fifty dollars per glucose monitoring appointment and in only a month, he has gone from three units to two units to 3 units again, and now four. I’m in debt for this many office visits and he’s getting it wrong. I’ve quit him. I’m sure I can...

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Fresh Start to a Brand New Year

As a veterinarian, my job is to help pets live healthy, comfortable and happy lives. I thought I might toss out a few simple, yet sometimes forgotten, New Year’s resolutions that can improve your diabetic pet’s life. Tack these babies onto your own resolutions list. Here We Go!! Maintain Consistency Maintain consistency in schedule as best you can. Yes, I harp about this one frequently – with good reason! It is easier to maintain good blood glucose regulation if you feed equal portions twice daily (with each insulin injection). And, glucose regulation is better when we give our diabetic...

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The Scoop On Dental Chews – Ask Dr. Joi

I get some great questions from clients. They inspire me with article ideas and keep me in tune with diabetic pet owners. I enjoy interacting with our readers, and sometimes the questions are worthy of a newsletter. I bet if one person has this question and takes the time to write me, there are likely lots of folks with a similar question. Let’s jump right in and talk about this one about dental chews: Question: Hi Dr. Joi! I love reading your newsletter. It is very informative and helps me manage my diabetic dog’s health on a daily basis....

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Insulin Basics for the Diabetic Pet Owner

Sometimes folks ask me if they should change the insulin they are using for their pets. There are numerous choices, and the insulin your veterinarian chooses for your pet may be based on several factors such as species and size of the pet. The insulin options we’ve had over the years has changed as well. Various insulins have come and gone. We’ve said goodbye to some insulins, and new insulins are on the horizon. So today we are going to chat the “big picture” for insulin! Which Insulin do we Choose for a Pet? Veterinarians probably all have a...

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