Author: Dr . Joi Sutton

Yes You Can Regulate Your Diabetic Pet

Sometimes pet owners feel they just can’t do something. I’ll admit, collecting blood from your pet or giving an injection the first few times can be daunting for a pet owner. I recall 30 years ago, when I was just a pup, giving injections into an orange to practice. It’s true! Last week a woman brought in her diabetic cat who was on an oral hypoglycemic medication but no insulin. Her prior vet is a good friend of mine and was greatly frustrated by this client’s refusal to give insulin injections. She did what she could, with the owner’s...

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Do You Shake or Roll Insulin?

When I was in vet school many moons ago, they taught us that shaking insulin could inactivate the particles. We were taught to gently roll the bottle between our hands to suspend the particles. The story has changed a bit since. The package insert for Vetsulin now actually recommends shaking the bottle. This wording was new when Vetsulin came back on the market. Some insulin, such as Glargine, apparently doesn’t need mixing at all. Mostly, I’d still recommend rolling most insulin bottles. If in doubt, roll it. Why does this matter? A few years ago I met a pet...

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Anxiety At The Vet Clinic

This morning after Shavasana, which is the final relaxation phase of a yoga class where you are to clear your mind of everything and just relax, I started thinking about anxiety. A client expressed to me the other day how anxious he was when I had anesthetized his pet. Anxiety is a crummy aspect of caring. It’s important to care and own your emotions, but when it goes overboard it can be self-destructive. I come from a family of “hand wringers”. If anyone had even a routine doctor appointment my mom and her cousin would sit out in the...

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Treatment Options for Pets with Acute Diarrhea

Recently the topic of diarrhea came up with a dear human friend. It’s not something folks typically discuss in polite company, unless you are a veterinarian. We veterinarians deal with the issue of diarrhea on a daily basis with our patients. Of course I teased my friend with the problem, “Did you get into the trash again?” Dietary indiscretion is far and away the most common cause of loose bowels for pets. Of course there are numerous other causes of diarrhea like stress colitis, parasites, food sensitivities, diet changes, a change in treats…. and more! This newsletter won’t focus...

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Recording Test Results, Spaying & Lancing Tips | Ask Dr. Joi

I love getting emails from our readers. Sometimes they are so good I share them. Let’s jump right into three recent email interactions I’ve had as you may have had similar questions yourself. I’ve been using the glucose log book that came with my glucose meter starter kit, but it is now full. How do you suggest I keep track of my pet’s blood glucose curves now? Answer: This is a great question! Each pet owner and veterinarian contemplates information differently. Some folks connect the dots on a graph and actually look at a blood glucose curve. I don’t...

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