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Diabetic pets

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  • Diabetic pets

    Okay, I admit it. When I saw this topic, I was like "Really/" With all the years I've had dogs, I've never realized that pets were susceptible to diabetes. How wide spread is this? How can you tell if your pet might have a problem?

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    More and more pets are being diagnosed with diabetes. I think it is one of those modern life style diseases that are affecting also pets. I am not sure if more pets are being diagnosed because they are less exercised and more obese or if it is simply because we have better diagnostic tools.

    I worked at an animal hospital and we were selling insulin and syringes every day. Warning symptoms are almost the same as in humans, increased thirst, increased drinking, lethargy.


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      Nowadays, it is common among pets to be affected with diabetes. Most of my friends pets has the diabetes.Luckily my pet not yet had diabetes.