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Ear cleaning for diabetics

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  • Ear cleaning for diabetics

    I've used ZYMOX OTIC products (both with / without hydrocortisone) for several years. I just started a new series of applications last night, and noted Annie's blood glucose readings were elevated (375 mg/dL) this morning. I've finally read the ingredients and see it contains both Dextrose and Glucose Oxidase.

    I'm wondering if these substances make it into the blood and may be causing the high readings. Another possibility (?) is that since I test her on the inside ear flap (Lhasa Apso) there just might be residual solution that gets mixed with the blood droplet during lancing? I bought alcohol wipes this morning and will try to clean the spot I lance just before the next blood test.

    Craig & Annie

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    Craig, both of your thoughts are valid! Topical steroids can be absorbed and affect a let's blood glucose level. And the sugar in the zymox could be perceived by the glucose meter and add to her glucose reading. You are intelligent, my friend. You might consider checking glucose levels from another spot when using zymox, say the inside of the lip. I don't know if wiping with an alcohol pad could affect the glucose level...

    Have a great holiday season!