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Lived in some bad area's - moved to NC to get stabbed ALL the time - go figure!

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  • Lived in some bad area's - moved to NC to get stabbed ALL the time - go figure!

    yup - I am a flab stabber. Been diagnosed in 1998 - been eleven years this month time flies!
    Anyway I find from time to time a need to know what other insulin junkies are going through.

    Excuse my candid attitude - it is part of what keeps this beast from going off the deep end.

    I do have a couple fairly odd questions which really aren't some sort of particularly odd jokes.

    I seem to have an issue with discoloration of my bowel movement.
    For some reason there doesn't seem to be anything that I could find about it on line.
    I am wondering if it has to do with eating to much protein. Has anyone else experience that spinach green color? Seems like about 3/4 of the month it is like that.

    I also have what has been called a frozen shoulder. Has anyone fixed that without medical assistance?

    I am uninsured - so I prefer to spend my few extra bucks on my 10 year old son rather than another doctor.

    About 4 years ago I did see a doctor who said it was common and would fix itself within a year .... it's been a long year

    Anyway - I am currently a Humalog and Lantus user who is on a sliding scale based on a per meal carb count.

    If you need anyone to chat it up with - let me know!

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    I do have a suggestion as far as no insurance. Have you checked into state funded insurance? or medical clinics that are funded by the govt?


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      this state has a prescription card of sorts - it takes a few dollars off.

      Currently, household income restricts access to assistance for the under funded (in Obama terms) we are almost rich