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    Hi everyone! I was recently diagnosed with hypoglycemia, and so I now have to abide by a strict schedule for eating. If I don't abide by a schedule, I have to, at the very least, eat when I'm hungry or feeling dizzy.

    However, I'm curious about people who aren't necessarily hypoglycemic, but exhibit other diabetic symptoms. My hypoglycemia could eventually turn into a high blood sugar condition and so I want to focus on eating right and changing my lifestyle.

    So what is it that you guys do to maintain your blood sugar levels? What do you guys eat? How often do you eat? What kind of desserts do you consume, if any desserts at all? Thanks, guys!

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    Hypo and Hyperglycemia

    You're right! You need to level out your blood sugar levels whether it is from high or low blood sugar. Therefore, we follow the same "rules". Please see my nutrition information as well as my sample weekly meal plan on:, under DIY (do it yourself) and then Healthy Eating.
    You'll find lots of information there!