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Help with philosophy of small meals.

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  • Help with philosophy of small meals.

    DH has been told to test and chart.

    He's also been told to eat "well balanced small meals 5-7 times a day"

    Exactly what is a small meal.

    Today, He ate half a boiled egg, a handful of blueberries, and a glass of skimmed milk for breakfast.

    About 1.5 hours later, he ate the rest of the boiled egg, a little bowl of salad with some oil and vinegar.

    Then a little later he had a very small bowl of cheerios with skimmed milk a few blueberries and a couple of bites of chicken on the side.

    We're having a hard time and it's so confusing.

    Is he doing the right thing?

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    Proper eating

    HI Gladys,
    I dont' know what medication regimen your DH is on - that may influence his diet. It's important to evenly distribute carbs - not have too many but not have too few either! If he is taking medication to lower his blood sugar and he only eats cheese (protein) for example, his liver (a storage site for sugar) may release some sugar into the bloodstream to protect DH from going too low. The body has regulatory mechanisms to protect us. When he eats a carb with the protein it may discourage the liver from helping out!


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      Too little food sets us up for failure!

      It sounds like DH is eating a bit too little. Check out the week of meal plans on website under DIY/Healthy Eating. Eating every few hours is important but if we eat too little it just makes us hungry all day and then we wind up overeating at some point.