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I'm off the medication

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  • I'm off the medication

    now for two days. My doctor, endochronologist, encouraged me to finally do it. I was taking 25mg of Januvia daily. Has anyone not take the meds by doctor orders? How was the transition?


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    The dosage of Januvia prescribed to each patient will vary. Always follow your physician’s instructions.


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      Not Taking Meds

      Of course, if your endocrinolgist (physician specializing in diabetes and thyroid disease) suggests going off a medication it can be because your blood sugar is on the low side or you are having some side effects to it. It is easy to tell if you can stay in good glucose control by testing your blood sugar before meals and 2 hours after meals. Before meals you should run about 80-120 and 2 hours after meals you should run under 140. If you can manage those numbers without any medication that is terrific! Also, the doctor will give you an A1c (3-month blood sugar average blood test). This will show your overall progress from the prior 3 months when you were on the Januvia. If you're uncomfortable with the decision to stop medications then discuss it further with your doctor.