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Another Food to Fight Diabetes

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  • Another Food to Fight Diabetes

    A test in Iran has shown that adding Milk Thistle to your diet can get the blood sugar down. Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) has been used for a long time as a food in Europe. Young leaves are used in salads, the stalks eaten like asparagus, and the heads boiled like artichokes. the testing showed that Milk Thistle supplements and the addition of it in salads can lower fasting glucose levels by 15 per cent.

    If you can find it in your green grocer, it might be worth a try in your next salad.

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    I've read that milk thistle is also good for detoxifying the liver. I take a liver support supplement that has dandelion, milk thistle, and burdock.


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      Interesting find I never heard of this before thanks for the tip and ideas. This would probably;y be for type 2 or have you heard of it for type1?


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        It's interesting that hte study was from Iran. Have the findings been reproduced within U.S. borders?

        I ask because there may be other dietary factors at play, here.


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          I'm type 2 but I think that a good healthy addition to the diet is a good idea whether you are type 1 or 2.

          The testing was done in Iran because In the middle east and in Europe, people normally eat milk thistle. Milk thistle isn't really used here. I don't know why, but like dandelions and the like, for some reason certain plants just aren't popular here in the US.


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            Hi there,

            Milk thistle is used as remedy to liver problems and gallbladder problems. It helps the proper functioning of pancreas gland. If its proved to be a good food to fight diabetes, then more people will tend to use it to tackle diabetes. For more details please visit the link HERE.