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  • Cardio / Aerobic Exercise Question

    Question: Hello Roberta..I have a quick question for you please. When I first began my cardio/aerobic exercise program, I was burning roughly 100+ calories with a continuous workout lasting 10-11 minutes. This was a couple of weeks ago or thereabouts. Now when I workout the calories burned are less with the same amount of workout time. What's happening here Roberta?

    Answer: Your body is getting used to the routine and it does not have to work as hard, therefore burning less calories. Exercise needs to progress and be mixed up for the body to respond. It is now time to increase the speed, distance or level if using a treadmill. Do continue to work up slowly but after a week or two add something to the routine. Make sure you discuss with your health care provider to rule out cardiac problems first. Keep up the great work Fenton!

    Nurse Robbie