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Possibly Might have Diabetes? Few Questions

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  • Possibly Might have Diabetes? Few Questions

    Hey everyone, so I am New here and I have been going through a lot of tests to find out whats been going on with me lately.

    -Urinating 20-30 times daily plus waking up 2-3X a night to go
    -Constant dry mouth and thirst
    -Always tired (already had mono 3 years ago)
    -Bruise like a peach even when I just slightly bump something

    Tests I have had:
    -Urine test
    -Blood test

    I got semi results for the urine test saying that something was up with my PH levels but they didn't say what. I just got my blood work done this morning. They also pricked my finger last night but it was 30 mins after I ate a full dinner.

    Diabetes runs in my family, grandmother and 2 aunts and 1 uncle have it. I also have Colitis and chronic migraines.

    Did I mention I just turned 23 last week....

    Any ideas whats going on, I am really nervous to find out what is wrong but would rather know than keep worrying.

    Thanks Everyone