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    I have a Westie who has had diabetes for about a year. We have done glucose curves in the past with results that are almost the opposite of what should be expected. His glucose levels are highest roughly 6hours after his morning injection. We are using Hunulin N insulin.Prior to his evening injection, the numbers are the lowest. He is on a diet of Science Diet WD, fed morning and evening. His treats consist of cooked vegetables, and an occasional piece of duck jerky. We have discussed this with several vets who cannot explain the results. We have used an Alpha Trak (original) since his diagnosis. Any ideas?

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    Hope you check back into the forum.

    Yes, many diabetic textbooks, and literature, may indicate a bowl shaped curve where the lowest reading is around the 6th hour (assuming two meals, 12 hours apart). The problem is many of our pups haven't read all that literature and have their own response. I (I'm just another dog owner) don't think the shape of the curve is all that important. To me, any shape is fine, but I try to keep the range between the low 100s and mid 200s. (I'm guessing this range is a little high for humans, but pretty safe for dogs)

    My Annie (see her info in the pet section), had a curve similar to your pup's. She generally climbs for several hours after a meal, then slowly comes down and has her lowest reading shortly before the next meal / injection. I've been able to tweak her response a bit by adding more fiber to her meals. I've been adding a bit of cooked black beans, and a small bit of sugar free Benefiber to her meals. I've also used Novolin-R (fast acting) as a bolus insulin if needed in addition to her Novolin-N.

    Hope this forum doesn't mind me putting in a plug for another forum for diabetic dogs: k9diabetes(dot)com.

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