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  • Blood glucose question

    I am not diabetic but I have a question. How much should a non diabetic blood glucose rise one and two hours post meal? Is is normal for a blood glucose level to rise 40 to 50 point in one hour e.g. From 93 pre meal to 152 one hour after post meal?

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    Blood Glucose Answer


    It is normal for a diabetic and preferred for them to have a rise of 40-50 points following a meal. More than that indicates they have eaten too large a portion size, that they have eaten too many carbs at one sitting or that they do not have enough medication. As far as a non-diabetic there blood sugar should not exceed 140 since you should have enough insulin to handle any glucose load at any time even one hour. I would not get alarmed but check with your physician. Are you pre diabetic? Did you have an A1C? Have you had a glucose tolerance test? Keep up your exercise which will increase your insulin sensitivity and eat smaller portions. Hope this helps.