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My Dad Almost DIED, But Now He Helps Diabetics

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  • My Dad Almost DIED, But Now He Helps Diabetics


    Luckily, I haven't had any major illnesses. But several years ago, I had to help my Dad, who almost died from a diabetic coma. He had stopped playing basketball and tennis, and had put on 50-60 pounds, maybe more -- over a period of 7 to 8 years. He was taking Lipitor to lower his cholesterol, but he didn't have any major health issues. My Dad had started to urinate more frequently, but the doctor thought maybe it was his prostate. My Dad had just taken a physical 3 months earlier, and his fasting blood glucose was 103 mg/dl, so his doctor thought everything was okay. But he scheduled to have my Dad come in for an appointment the following month.

    But before that appointment....

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    Good sharing story!

    Hi, Cynthia,
    It takes me a long time to read your father's story, but it is really good story for me and for all of the diabetics.
    Thank you for your sharing. Hope more people will read it.
    And, you are really a good daughter.
    Anyway, congratulations to your father to beat down his illness!