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The Omron Pace and Distance Tracker is excellent and simple way to use a large displayed pedometer to help increase your daily physical activity. Using a pedometer can make the exercise experience more beneficial by giving you immediate positive feedback and track your progress. Studies involving the use of pedometers showed an “increase of physical activity by 27% over baseline.” The 2011 exercise guidelines for exercise in Type 2 diabetes has been updated and published in the December issue of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise and Diabetes Care.

“Until now, we assumed exercise and fitness in diabetes was beneficial but now with results of multiple studies, it is well established that regular physical activity improves blood glucose control and can prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes. Exercise also positively affects lipids, blood pressure, cardiovascular events, mortality and quality of life.”

The 2011 guidelines for Type 2 diabetes recommend a minimum of 150 minutes per week of moderate aerobic activity. The activity should be spread out over at least 3 days, preferably 5 days. The benefits start to disappear when no exercise takes place for 48 hours. People with type 1 diabetes will certainly benefit from moderate aerobic activity as well as pedometer use, but since they are on insulin, more intensive guidelines should be followed including checking blood sugar more frequently, carrying glucose tablets and snacking more often. Many people with diabetes have other complications, such as orthopedic problems, arthritis or neuropathy. It is noted that a recommendation of brisk walking counts as sufficient aerobic activity. The Omron Pace and Tracker has the Omron company stand behind the product and offers customer support to help with all functions of the pedometer. The Omron Tracker tracks your pace, tracks your total distance, and counts calories burned from exercise. It contains a work-out mode that tracks the exercise component, but continues to record all other daily activity. This helps with the ultimate goal of 10,000 steps a day, which is established as another fitness guideline. It is simple to set by using auto stride and your height, but if you would like to be more individualized, you can set the stride by your own statistics. The Omron Pace and Tracker comes with a battery [easily replaced with a 3 volt lithium battery] a holder, and a spring loaded clip which will not crack like plastic. Accuracy is best when the device is at waist level, either attached to clothing or dropped in a pocket or bag.

Exercise with the use of a pedometer is a positive step in helping people with type 2 diabetes reduce insulin resistance and people with type 1 diabetes gain the various benefits like discovering how energized you can feel!

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