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Glucose Products

Glucose Products
ADW Diabetes provides a huge selection of diabetic supplies including glucose products to help people get their blood sugar levels in check. Fluctuating blood sugar levels can lead to serious complications. It is important to be well-prepared to face off with lowered blood sugar with the proper use of glucose products. Shop our webstore to choose from a large collection of glucose tablets, glucose shots, and glucose gels for your complete convenience. Consumers depend on ADW Diabetes for top quality glucose products, fast delivery and attentive customer service. Be prepared for any blood sugar situation when you keep glucose products on-hand at home, at work and in your vehicle. Find the most competitive prices on leading brands including TruePlus, Gluctose 15.
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What are Glucose Tablets?

Glucose tablets are chewable and pleasant tasting; they are made from glucose (a specific type of fast acting sugar), come in various flavors and contain other agents to bind the ingredients together. Each tablet contains a premeasured amount of 3-4 grams of glucose with approximately 15 calories.

What Are Glucose Tabs Used For?

Glucose tablets are an excellent choice to treat hypoglycemia or low blood sugar which is generally considered 70mg/dl or below. Without glucose or fuel to the brain, confusion sets in along with other reduced decision-making qualities. It can affect your thoughts and ability to move. Most times, hypoglycemia is mild and can be treated with oral glucose agents. If severe and untreated, hypoglycemia may result in seizures, loss of conscientious, coma and possibly death. Hypoglycemia is especially dangerous to those with heart disease.

Types and Options: Glucose Products

  • Chewable Hard Tablets: Various, flavored tablets containing 3-4 grams of glucose that come in a plastic tube or jar which are easy to store with a relatively long shelf life. Always check expiration date prior to use.
  • Glucose Gels: Glucose gels are fast acting, squeezable and easiest to swallow. Gels come in various flavors, in pouches - either pre-packaged single use -15 grams, or in reusable, multi-use packaging.
  • Glucose Soft Tablets: Soft tablets come in unique flavors such as chocolate marshmallow, contain 20 calories per tablet and are a fast-acting carbohydrate.