Delica lancet device-Less pain-just the right amount of blood

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We all wish for a lancet device that will give us an accurate blood sugar reading without the usual pain associated with the finger sticks. Research has shown us that even using alternate site testing such as the forearm, the palm of the hand, the calf of the leg or the upper thigh still requires a stick, yet the results are not always as accurate. The alternate test site can often miss hypoglycemia because of lag time. Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar can be a critical problem and cause damage if not treated in a rapid response. Also, alternate sites should NEVER be used when the blood sugar may have quick changes such as after a meal, during exercise, during an episode of ILLNESS, INFECTION, SURGERY or STRESS.

A new lancet device made by one touch is now available for use. It is the most painless finger stick in today’s market.  The Delica lancet has A.G.C.S. which stands for advanced glide control system. This system reduces wobbling of the lancet inside the device due to its’ special construction. This allows for a less painful stick with accurate finger results. The Delica is compact, ergonomic and comfortable in the hand. It is more controlled and creates less motion. The device is small, weighs less, and therefore causes less vibration which also makes it more comfortable. It offers a much easier removal system of the used lancet by pushing a button, instead of pulling on the mechanism which may cause damage. The Delica has several depth settings for the finger stick from1-7 which gives it more precise ability. The needle gauge is 33G which makes it the thinnest needle on the market. The Delica device must be used ONLY with the Delica Lancets.

As with All lancets, remember to use them ONLY one time. You will reduce the risk of infection. All one touch lancets are dulled after their first use which will make the stick more painful. Remember to dispose of the lancets properly, by using a sharps container or a biohazard container.


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