BD Syringes and BD Pen Needles

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  • BD Syringes and Pen Needles

If you require daily insulin injections, then BD Syringes and Insulin Pen Needles are the way to go. Using the thinnest lancets available, BD has helped make painful insulin injections a thing of the past.

BD Syringes

BD Ultra Fine II – Needle Syringes have been hailed as the most comfortable and reliable syringes on the market. The needle points are inspected 100% to assure its quality, and are made of a surgical grade of stainless steel and are coated with Micro-Bonded lubrication for even more comfort. If long needles are not your favorite, The BD Brand makes Ultra Fine II – Short Needles syringes, with a needle that is 37% shorter than the 12.7mm needles used for the regular syringes. Both the BD Ultra Fine II- Needle Syringes and Short Needle syringes come in barrel sizes of 1 cc, ½ cc, and 3/10 cc with whole and half unit markings specially engineered to hold the precise amount of your insulin dose.

BD Pen Needles

BD Ultra Fine II – Pen Needles come in three variations: BD Original Pen Needles, BD Short Pen Needles and BD Mini Pen Needles. At 12.77mm and 29 gauge design, the BD Original Pen Needle works great for people who have difficulties using smaller needles. This Pen needles has the widest inner diameter, which works great for people requiring larger doses. The BD Ultra-Fine III Short Pen Needle, at 8mm long and 31 gauge is BD?s best selling pen needle. The BD Ultra-Fine III Short Pen Needle is the best choice for most people. BD also offers a BD Ultra-Fine III Mini Pen Needle, for those with a fear of needles. At 5mm long and 31 gauge, these pen needles are the shortest and thinnest available in the United States. These Mini Pen Needles are great for children or adults.

ADW Diabetes offers all of these BD Syringes and BD Pen Needles along with other BD products at great prices. The BD Syringes with thin needles are great for those requiring daily injections without the pain. The BD Pen Needles with its various sizes are also virtually painless and are available in a variety of sizes to fit peoples’ personal needs. Information about ordering these BD Products can be found on our website at strives to provide diabetic patients with a wide variety of BD products at an affordable price. Information for the BD Syringes, BD Pen Needles, and other BD Testing Supplies can be found at . Place an order today for BD products, and have your order shipped out within 24 hours. In less than 5 days you will be experiencing painless testing at a fraction of your local pharmacy´s price.

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