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Pen Needles

Pen Needles
At ADW Diabetes we take pride in our fast service and large selection of pen needles. You will find a variety of pen needle sizes from the top brands like BD, TruePlus, Unifine, Sure Comfort and more at discount prices. Shop online and save today!
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What Are Pen Needles?

Pen needles are needles directly attached to an insulin pen by either screw-on or click-on mechanism. Pen needles are used with insulin pens which is an alternative way to deliver insulin compared to insulin syringes and vial. Although many pen needles are universal, pen needles need to be specific to your insulin pen. Pen needles are sold separately from the pens. Consult your diabetes health care provider for help choosing insulin pen needles.

Common Sizes:

Needle Length - Pen needles come in various lengths. The length is how long the needle is. Pen needles are currently available in the following lengths: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. The most common pen needle lengths used are between 4mm and 8mm.

Gauges - The gauge or needle thickness is from 29-33 gauge. The lower the size of the gauge, the thicker the needle.

Benefits of Using Diabetic Pen Needles:

  • Convenient, discreet and easy to carry for the "on the go" patients.
  • Offers advanced technology and added lubrication for more comfort.
  • More likely to offer accurate doses of insulin compared to a vial and syringe, especially for those with motor skill impairment, arthritis, or visual problems, since you can dial the dosage.
  • Pen needles stay sharper since they do not have to push through the rubber stopper of the insulin vial prior to the injection.

Tips When Using Pen Needles:

  1. Wash hands with soap and warm water before using
  2. Always remove both the inner and outer caps on the pen needle before injecting.
  3. Change the pen needle after each use to prevent skin infections, skin thickening, bleeding, bruising and to reduce injection pain. The first use offers the sharpest and cleanest needle.
  4. Never share insulin pen needles.
  5. Dispose of pen needles properly by contacting your local community for guidelines.