Holiday Weight Sticking Around?

Holiday Weight Sticking Around? Here’s Why.

It is the first 3 months of the new year and many of my patients are already disappointed, frustrated and concerned about their weight. Although they have made multiple lifestyle changes, they have not been able to lose any weight, which was their New Year’s resolution.

Feet Warming By Fireplace

4 Tips for Winter Skin with Diabetes

Your skin can take a beating in the winter chill and become dry and cracked. People with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing skin infections and other problems. Consider these 4 simple tips for winter skin with diabetes.

Is My Pet Fat?

Is My Pet Fat?

Years ago, before I had honed my charming bedside manner, I entered a well pet exam and teased the client that she had a “max pin” instead of a “min pin”. That’s short for miniature pinscher for those not used to vet speak. I don’t think the client heard a word I said after that.