Routines Are Your Friend

Nobody wants to be boring. The ole hum drum gets pretty old after awhile. As mind numbing as routines can be, they are also of great benefit when managing diseases. Patient compliance is one of the bigger obstacles to good diabetes management for human diabetics. For our veterinary patients it […]

Cellulitis and Diabetes

Cellulitis and Diabetes – What Are The Risks?

During this week’s diabetes management training, I instructed a 62 year old male who has had type 2 diabetes for over 15 years and was never given the skills of diabetes education. He has always worked as a cab driver and did not have health insurance until the recent introduction […]

Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss and Diabetes

Diabetes can lead to many other health conditions, yet few people recognize the connection between hearing loss and diabetes. Discover more about hearing loss and diabetes and what you can do about it.