Best Yogurts for Diabetes

Yogurt of all types is touted as a tasty dairy food with a myriad of health benefits. There are a variety of choices that can make anyone feel confused at the grocery store especially when you have diabetes and are counting carbohydrates. All types of yogurt are considered carbohydrates. Let’s […]

Boost Mental Power - Brain Function

Brain Function, Sleep and Diabetes – The Connection

The most common long term complications of uncontrolled diabetes are well known. They include heart disease, heart attack, stroke, retinopathy (eye disease), nephropathy (kidney disease), neuropathy (nerve ending disease), erectile dysfunction, peripheral vascular disease and lower limb amputation. The best way to avoid these complications is to maintain A1C levels […]

Different Milks and Diabetes

Which Milk – Does It Matter?

If you send someone to the store to pick up a half gallon of milk, make sure to be specific. Today the many choices include almond, soy, cashew, coconut, Lactaid or cow’s milk. With all these options, does it really matter which one you choose when you have diabetes.

Back Pain and Diabetes - Yoga

How to Handle Back Pain When You Have Diabetes

Back pain is a problem that affects many people including those with diabetes. Often people with diabetes have other conditions that could cause back pain, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia or kidney problems. Discover how to handle back pain when you have diabetes.