save money on insulin

Ways To Save Money On Insulin

This week I received an email from a customer and diabetic pet owner asking if veterinarians are in collusion on making insulin so pricey. I promise you, we are not! Shoot, most of the insulins I prescribe these days (Glargine, NPH, Levemir) I have owners get at their own pharmacy. […]

testing in pairs

Smart Monitoring – Testing in Pairs

Blood glucose monitoring is an essential element of an effective diabetes self-management pair. Often people wind up collecting data that can be difficult for them to understand. Discover the concept of testing in pairs and how it can help you better manage your diabetes.


Nighttime Leg Cramps and Diabetes

Diabetes is linked with various complications, including nighttime leg cramps. These cramps can last for a few seconds or several minutes and may wake you up from a sound sleep. Discover more about nighttime leg cramps and what you can do about them when you have diabetes.

The Timing of Insulin Injections

The Timing of Insulin Injections

This week I had a reader ask if it mattered when we give insulin to diabetic pets relative to feeding. This is an excellent question! For the vast majority of diabetic pets we give insulin at the time of feeding. Usually once a pet starts to “dig in” at the […]