4th of July BBQ

The Perfect 4th of July BBQ – Snacks Through Dessert

With 4th of July right around the corner, everyone is getting ready to celebrate their independence with a backyard barbecue. Discover the freedom of eating healthy foods that don’t make you feel guilty or have a negative impact on your health. Plan the perfect 4th of July BBQ when you […]

Raspberry smoothie

Low Sugar Smoothies – A Summer Treat with Diabetes

Signs promoting ice cream shops and the ringing bells of the local ice cream truck can become a summertime temptation for people with diabetes. Avoid blood sugar fluctuation associated with sugary snacks and give yourself a healthy treat instead. Discover tasty low sugar smoothies made at home that can help […]

Diabetes and the Military

Diabetes in the Military

Those who want to enlist in the military need to have a certain level of health and physical fitness which can be a major concern for people with diabetes. Fortunately, the latest treatments are making it a bit easier to join or remain in the military service if you have […]