Medical Care Professionals

Nurse Practitioners, Physicians and PA’s Who Treat Diabetes

Savvy people with diabetes have a dedicated health care team to help them develop and maintain good lifestyle habits. This team could include nurse practitioners, primary care physicians and physician assistants who treat diabetes. Learn what role each of these important team members play in the ongoing care and treatment […]

Sugar, Brown Sugar, and Honey

Sugar Addiction and Cravings

Consuming too much sugar is not good for anyone, but it can be a major concern for people with diabetes. Excessive sugar in your diet may lead to health problems such as cravings, weight gain and heart disease. Discover more about sugar addiction and cravings and how to combat them […]


What is the News on Calcium?

Calcium is a mineral that plays a major role in various bodily functions. While people know calcium can help maintain stronger bones and teeth, your body needs it for many reasons. Find out the news about calcium, why it is important for people with diabetes and how too much of […]

Cat and Dog Politics

Dog And Cat Politics

I watched a friend’s Yorkie this past weekend and snickered as he and my own critters sized each other up. This got me thinking about “Dog and Cat politics” and their personality types. You can’t watch the news this time of year without being bombarded by opinions on how to […]