Dosing Tiny Pets

Dosing For Lil Bitty Patients

Choosing to own a big dog means bigger medical bills, bigger pet food bills and pretty much bigger everything. Choosing a cat or small dog is often easier on the pocketbook, and they are much less likely to hog the bed. Nonetheless, small pets often present obstacles that the typical […]

Summer Trip

Getting Ready for Your Summer Trip with Diabetes

Summer is almost here and the living is easy during a warm-weather getaway. Make it even easier by being well-prepared to take a trip with diabetes. Discover a few simple preparations that can go a long way when it comes to comfort and optimum health when you have diabetes and […]

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Diabetes

Up to 5 million women have polycystic ovarian syndrome. Of these women, more than 50 percent of them will have diabetes or pre-diabetes by the age of 40. Discover more about polycystic ovarian syndrome and its link to diabetes.


Rules and Routines for Truckers with Diabetes

Truck drivers often work long hours, travel great distances and are responsible for the safe operation of large trucks. Long haul truck drivers have more than twice the risk of diabetes due to high stress and unhealthy food options. A study published in 2010 stated “”88% of truck drivers suffered […]

Couples Exercise

Vitamin D, Exercise and Falling With Diabetes

People with diabetes can be susceptible to falls, especially if they experience numbness, or have been diagnosed with neuropathy or certain neurological problems. The latest information discusses the possible benefits of exercise and vitamin D to help prevent falls when you have diabetes. Learn more about how vitamin D and […]