Dark Chocolate

Diabetes Treats for Valentine’s Day

Whether you have diabetes or care about someone who does, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to celebrate true love. It doesn’t mean you have to hit the candy isle full of sugary treats to enjoy on this day. Consider these healthy, alluring Valentine diabetes treats instead.

Heart Disease and Diabetes - Angioplasty

Heart Month and Diabetes

Heart attack rates have fallen in the last four decades due to increased public awareness, quicker emergency paramedic treatment, improved medical procedures and drugs in all groups except for women under the age of 55. Many of these women suffer from diabetes. A study published in ‘The Lancet’, a Diabetes […]

Diabetes Chalkboard

How to Handle Pre Diabetes

A diagnosis of pre diabetes can be a serious situation when a patient realizes they are at a higher risk for developing diabetes type 2. Fortunately, this condition can be treated and even reversed. Discover some simple lifestyle changes you can make to prevent developing pre diabetes.

Food Choices

Healthy Meal Options with Diabetes

People with diabetes enjoy optimum well-being when they make smart choices about what to eat. The wrong food and beverage choices can lead to blood sugar highs and other physical complications. Discover delicious and healthy meal options with diabetes.