Wright Prefilled Syringe Carrying Case – Pack of 2

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As of 2011, there are approximately 26 million Americans with diabetes. 90-95% of those people have Type 2 diabetes and 5-10% have Type 1. All people with Type 1 diabetes will need to inject insulin to survive. With diabetes, there are many challenges in controlling blood glucose levels whether it is considering food intake, your exercise regimen, controlling stress and being compliant with your medication regimen. We live in a fast-paced world and we need tools to make our lives a bit easier!

Wright Prefilled Syringe Carrying Case - Pack of 2 - SyringesFor those people with diabetes taking pills to help control their blood glucose there are pill holders/cases to not only allow you the convenience of organizing your medication and/or vitamins but to remind you to take your pills as well. Fortunately, for those people who inject insulin, there is a convenient and discreet syringe carrying case available that you can simply place your prefilled insulin syringes in and you are on your way. This carrying case will fit into your pocket or purse and keeps the insulin safe against leakage. Using prefilled syringes is a benefit in itself since we don’t have to stop during our busy day so we not only have the convenience but we save precious time as well. Having diabetes requires a lot of thought and actions so why not make each day a bit simpler by using accessories made available to you.

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