Walden Farms gives you back the food pleasures you may have missed – without the guilt!

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Whether you are trying to lose weight for improved health and/or blood glucose levels or you just want to try to eat fewer calories, Walden Farms provides you with an easy choice. We no longer need to deprive ourselves or all the delicious sauces we have tried to avoid due to the high fat, calories or carbohydrates! Walden Farms offers salad dressings, marinara, seafood, alfredo, or scampi as well as ketchup, mayonnaise & veggie dips all at a cost we can afford to take advantage of! Zero calories, zero carbohydrates and zero fat! What these condiments offer are good taste, nearly all natural ingredients and Splenda as the sweetener.

Sauces alone can increase your blood sugar levels so here you have more choices for better taste so you don’t need to deny yourself that decadent feeling you get from foods like pasta alfredo. Of course, you still need to consume moderate amounts of pasta but load on that alfredo! Please be aware that there is sodium in these products and if you use an overabundance it will add up. So the key is still MODERATION! for good health.

Think of all the delicious diabetic snacks you can have with veggie dips containing carrots, spinach, garlic, onions, oat fiber, white vinegar and Splenda. Be encouraged to eat a healthy salad using the Bacon or Ranch salad dressing. You can even use the single serving “on-the-go” packets that allow you to bring your new favorite salad dressing to your favorite restaurants. With Walden Farms, there are no excuses. You can enjoy your food, add fruits and vegetables and salads to your daily eating and enhance the flavor.

We can’t forget desserts! Walden Farms has chocolate syrup or chocolate dip to add to your favorite fruit or No Sugar Added ice cream. Of course, there is also syrup for wholegrain pancakes, waffles or French toast. Be creative! Enjoy!

Try to monitor your weight as well as your blood glucose levels to determine how well the Walden Farms is helping you to reach your goals. By having dips, dressings, sauces and nut butter spreads you can enhance your snacking choices and not reach for those less desirable “junk food” types of snacks.

Why Choose Walden Farms?

  • Taste
  • Convenience
  • Choice
  • Glucose Control
  • Weight Control
  • Creative meals and snacks
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