True2go Blood Glucose Meter

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This blood glucose monitor is the smallest one on the market yet it has a large display so you are easily able to read your results. It is very convenient when on the go or anywhere, is discreet and very affordable. Testing blood glucose levels provides crucial information to you and your healthcare team when deciding treatment or adjustment in treatments.

True2go rests on top of the test strip vial while you are testing your blood glucose. This feature provides stability for the meter and allows you to securely hold the vial of test strips while testing. Even though the meter is tiny you are able to hold a larger vial of test strips while you are doing the actual blood testing.

True2go is easy to use, easy to hold and one of the most affordable and accurate meters available to you. It requires no coding and even has a button that you can push to easily discard the used test strips. You may use your forearm or finger and only 0.5 micro liters of blood to test your glucose and will see the results in 4 seconds.TRUE2go

If you are receiving peritoneal dialysis (typically done at home) or on immunoglobulin therapy then the True2go is not for you. There may be interference from some of the sugars contained in the above therapies which may result in elevated glucose readings.

People with diabetes are in the best control when they test their blood glucose levels at various times of the day. You want to find out what your pattern throughout the day is. By testing before and 2 hours after the first bite of your meals you will see how the regimen you are currently on is affecting you. After weeks or months of testing at various times you will notice a pattern. You may choose to test before and after breakfast one day, before and after lunch another day and before and after dinner on a different day. Also consider testing before bedtime and the following morning. This method provides the most information and will help you make better decisions with food, exercise and medications. Be smart and in control.

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