One Touch Ultra Test Strips: Faster Blood Drawing!

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Are you interested in speeding up blood drawing, while eliminating pain and discomfort? One Touch Ultra Test Strips mean an end to the inconveniences associated with normal blood sugar (glucose) test strips. You see, these diabetic test strips have been developed with patients’ time, convenience, and budgets in mind!

But first, let’s discuss how blood is drawn with One Touch Ultra Test Strips. Normally, patients must draw blood throughout the day. Once the blood is drawn, it’s applied to glucose test strips. At this point, the diabetic test strips are placed into one touch ultra glucose meters, and the glucose measurements are displayed.

How One Touch Ultra Test Strips Simplify Your Life

As a loyal ADW Diabetes customer, you know that we only carry products shown to be effective for diabetes management. One Touch Ultra Blue Test Strips reward users with convenient, comfortable testing, every single time! Among the benefits of the One Touch Ultra:

  • Celebrate Speed – One Touch Ultra Test Strips boast one revolutionary feature; the exclusive “Fastdraw” Design. Basically, the One Touch Ultra test strips just need to lightly touch the blood samples. The One Touch Ultra then automatically draws blood, making the entire process much faster. Also, these glucose test strips enable the results to appear in as little as five seconds!
  • Assured Accuracy – A One Touch Ultra allows for far more precise test results. Once the glucose test strips draw enough blood, it’s easier to receive accurate readings.
  • Pain Reductions – Users report that Ultra Test Strips are less painful and uncomfortable when drawing blood. Much smaller amounts of blood are necessary, so pain is minimized. Blood can also be drawn at alternate locations, such as the forearm
  • Financial Savings – As One Touch Ultra Test Strips are accepted by health insurance plans at the lowest co-pay, you’ll spend much less. In fact, One Touch Ultra Test Strips cost much less than most diabetic test strips. There’s even a guaranteed expiration date of 15 months for all One Touch Ultra Test Strips.

ADW, the Place for One Touch Ultra Test Strips

ADW Diabetes, your online destination for diabetes management, is the leading location for One Touch Ultra Test Strips, as well as all One Touch products. Click on our website for the lowest prices in One Touch Ultra Test Strips and glucose monitors.

One Touch Ultra Test Strips & Meter Deal

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