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Think of the One Touch Ultra Mini as the ultimate in blood glucose meter convenience. With a One Touch glucose meter, it’s incredibly simple to draw and analyze blood sugar (glucose), any time or place.

When time is a factor, drawing blood sugar levels with a blood (glucose) meter can be problematic. But the One Touch Ultra Mini can be taken anywhere, and fits easily in a pocket or purse. When you click onADW Diabetes, you’ll find this One Touch glucose meter, and more!

The Mini: Any Time, Place or Situation

While you must test glucose levels throughout the day, the One Touch Ultra Mini allows discrete testing in any situation – work, school, even dating! But One Touch glucose meter users agree that the Mini eliminates the drawbacks. Here are the benefits of the Mini glucose monitor:

  • Save On Time – The Mini lets you quickly test your blood, with the results appearing in five seconds! Simply apply a drop of blood to the One Touch Ultra Test Strips, insert the strip into the blood glucose meter, and wait for the readings to appear.
  • Light & Convenient – This One Touch glucose monitor features: a large display screen and a bright backlit display. Plus, the Mini enables quick navigation with up-and-down arrows.
  • Minimize Pain – The One Touch Ultra Mini allows alternate site testing, including those with fewer nerve endings (forearm, palm). This means much less pain and discomfort for you!
  • Accurate Results – Like any other One Touch meters, the One Touch Ultra Mini has impressive memory. It can store up to 500 test results, along with dates and times, and 7-, 14- and 30-day averages. Your meter even measures results for both before and after meals.
  • Express Yourself – Did you ever think about making a fashion statement with your One Touch Ultra Mini? This blood glucose meter is available in several eye-catching colors, including: Limelight GreenSilver Moon, and Pink Glow.

ADW, Your One Touch Ultra Mini Connection

By now, you’re probably very interested in testing your blood with the One Touch Ultra Mini. That’s why you need to click ADW Diabetes. And all of our One Touch Ultra products, including the One Touch Ultra Mini and One Touch Ultra strips, are available at the lowest prices possible!

One Touch Ultra Mini

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