One Touch Ultra: Many Options, Many Benefits

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Healthy diabetes management requires patience, diligence, knowledge, and of course, proper equipment. The One Touch Ultra product line includes lancets (needles), blood sugar (glucose) test strips, and glucose monitors. You may prefer the One Touch Ultra Mini, which offers quick, accurate testing. One Touch strips enable improved testing quality. And the One Touch Ultra 2, a state-of-the-art, all-inclusive system includes a glucose monitor. One Touch test strips, and painless lancets (needles) sold seperately.

This glucose meter is actually just one component of LifeScan, Inc., a well-regarded healthcare leader for more than 20 years. LifeScan has long met the needs of the diabetic community. The company’s exclusive One Touch line, renowned for its accuracy and convenience, has long been the leading alternative for patients and medical professionals.

Basically, the One Touch Ultra name is synonymous with high-quality, accurate blood testing, and diabetes health, in general. For the entire One Touch line and more, click on ADW Diabetes, the #1 online source for low-priced diabetes products!

How One Touch Ultra Benefits Your Health

Living with diabetes does require some balancing, but the One Touch Ultra line can make it much more convenient, cost-effective, and less unpleasant! But don’t just take our word, read on to explore what makes these products so appealing and effective:

  • Making Life Easier – with large display screens, bright backlit displays, and quick screen navigation. When you insert a test strip, the results appear in five seconds; fewer glucose test strips are wasted, as well. Plus, these devices, like the Mini, are small and lightweight.
  • Pain & Discomfort Reduced – Less blood is applied to these strips, meaning much less pain occurs. Plus, these products enable sampling from multiple testing sites.
  • Accurate Results – One Touch meters have sufficient memory to store up to 500 tests. This meter results include dates and times, and 7-, 14- and 30-day averages. You can even use your meter to monitors before and after meals.
One Touch Ultra2

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