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The Paradigm Revel insulin pump is a complete package that you operate with ease. Insulin pumps, in general, allow the person with diabetes more flexibility and greater control of their blood glucose levels. This particular pump offers an integrated system for the ultimate and simplest diabetes control. By using the Medtronic insulin pump, the continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system (transmitter and sensors) and the software you will have a clear picture of your glucose patterns and understand any adjustments you or your healthcare team need to make. Let technology work for you!

Insulin Pump:

  • 523 Paradigm Revel insulin pump holds 176 units while the 723 Minimed Paradigm Revel holds 300 units of rapid-acting insulin (the features are otherwise the same)
  • High quality insulin delivery due:
    • To the multiple basal rates in as low as .025 increments per hour
    • Light and small (about the size of a cell phone) so it’s more discreet
  • Communicates directly and in real-time with the MiniLink REAL-Time Transmitter, wirelessly.
  • Safe in up to 8 feet of water for 30 minutes
  • Bolus Wizard Calculator to help with “the math”
  • Several basal rates are adjusted just for you as well as insulin-to-carbohydrate ratios to meet your individual needs
  • Reminders can be set so you don’t miss a bolus
  • Advantages of a MiniLink Wireless Transmitter
  • It connects to the glucose sensor
    • Sends information from glucose sensor and transmits it the to pump in real time
  • Paradigm REAL-Time glucose sensor
  • Alerts to warn you up to 30 minutes prior to a low OR high blood glucose level (you set the limits)
  • Alerts you if your glucose levels are changing rapidly
  • Provides critical information, using graphs, of your blood glucose patterns
  • Tiny circular device (about the size of a quarter) worn on body for up to 3 days

Infusion sets available to assist with insertion of sensor:


  • Quick Set
  • Silhouette
  • Sure-T

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