Kimberly Clark Exam Gloves

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For many years, exam gloves were made from rubber latex which can create severe allergic reactions. Approximately 1-6% of the general population have a sensitivity to latex due to repeated exposure. Rubber latex allergy can cause redness, dry crusty sores, itching, swelling or edema, on a local area such as the hands. Some people are so highly allergic to latex that it can cause asthma, anaphylactic shock, or death. Luckily, Kimberly Clark makes exam gloves using nitrile which does not promote these allergic reactions.

This is no rubber latex component since they are made from a synthetic material. The gloves are powder free and offer superior barrier protection. Nitrile exam gloves are tactile sensitive with reduced glove thickness, yet are extremely protective. The tensile strength or force required to break through the glove is high which makes it safe against cross-contamination; Nitrile has a superior ability to resist against abrasion, punctures or cuts in the gloves .They come in multiple sizes for extreme comfort from XS to XL and have a beaded cuff to prevent rolling.. The textured finger tips make them simple to use in either a wet or dry situation. The gloves, which are a great value come in a standard size box which is easy to store and stackable. They are non-sterile and can be used for many purposes such as wound care, laboratory work, electronic work, pharmaceutical work, law enforcement, public safety, or dental work. These gloves are for a one time use only.

Kimberly Clark Exam Gloves

Kimberly Clark also makes a vinyl glove which is rubber latex free, powder free and affordable. They are non-sterile and good for cleaning and decontamination. The vinyl gloves do not have the sensitivity of the nitrile brand but still offer some dexterity. They are ambidextrous, smooth and contain a beaded cuff. These gloves should be used only one time and then thrown away.

Kimberly Clark gloves when used properly, can save your hands from many unpleasant situations from the outside world at a reasonable price.

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