The I-Port – Reduce Injections to Only Once Every Three Days

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If you have diabetes and are taking insulin injections you may want to consider the I-Port. This insulin delivery device enables you to inject less frequently and without the discomfort of several injections each day. It also may encourage you to be more compliant with your injectable medication. If you are on multiple injections each day and would prefer to inject once every three days then the I-Port may be a consideration for you! Diabetes is all about control. Food, activity, stress level and medication all need to be considered when taking charge of your diabetes.

Meet the I-Port:

  • A “port” or delivery conduit for insulin
  • A tiny circular device that you wear
  • Can be worn up to three days
  • Can be worn around your abdominal area
  • The circular device is easily inserted, with or without an inserter
  • A needle guides the insertion and only a tiny, plastic tube called a cannula remains in your skin
  • Cannulas come in 2 sizes – 6 mm for leaner people and 9mm for others
  • Increases compliance of injections for better diabetes control
  • Reduces stress of those who dislike injecting themselves
  • Inject syringe needles or insulin/injectable pens into port
  • 5/16” (“short” needles) are used
  • Relatively flat circle about 1/3” above skin level
  • Very discreet, makes it easier to inject while out
  • Does not need to be removed during bathing, swimming or any typical activities

iPort Insulin Delivery Injection Device

There are many options for people with diabetes. If you are interested in reducing the amount of times you inject yourself then the Iport insulin delivery system may be for you! Be sure to ask your physician or diabetes educator about the I-Port.

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