Frio Insulin Wallets

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  • FRIO Insulin Wallets with Beach Background

The Frio insulin products helps keep your insulin’s temperature cool when you travel, go to work or go to school. A Frio wallet makes storing insulin a breeze. Unlike many other insulin cases, the insulin travel wallet is easy to use and attractive to carry.

Each light, compact Frio insulin pack is made of two parts. The outer cover is made of Cambrelle and comes in various stylish colors. The inner poly-cotton wallet contains non-toxic, non-flammable crystals. The unique, reusable design of the wallet makes it the ideal place to store your insulin cartridges. Keep insulin safe in transit, even if you live in a warm climate. These insulin cases keep your insulin cool in the heat of summer and guard against cold in the frigid winter.

The Frio insulin travel wallet is easy to use. Just immerse your insulin case in cold water for about five to fifteen minutes. The crystals in the wallet panels expand into a gel-like substance. For several days, the crystals remain in this form. When the crystals are activated, remove the insulin wallet from water.

Now you are ready to wrap a towel around your Frio wallet to dry it to the touch. Let the insulin case air dry for about twenty minutes. After air drying, place the wallet into the colored Cambrelle cover and insert your medication. The crystals remain cool for several days, making travel wallets convenient for all types of trips.

The Wallets are available in several sizes and colors, insulin cases are the perfect way to safely transport your insulin supplies.

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