Epic Xylitol Toothpaste for Diabetes

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  • Xylitol Adult Spearmint Toothpaste

Epic Xylitol Toothpaste provides quality oral care. The special formula is sugar-free, fluoride-free and sweetened with Xylitol. It is easy to maintain optimum oral hygiene with use of Xylitol daily to help halt tooth decay. Often people with diabetes have issues with periodontal disease, tooth decay and dry mouth. Brushing regularly with a quality toothpaste containing Xylitol can help people maintain proper oral health.

  • Epic Xylitol Toothpaste contains 31% Xylitol to help stop tooth decay which is an asset to those who have diabetes. Combating tooth decay could minimize the occurrence of cavities, gum disease and other oral health problems. Mouth infections can raise blood sugars and need to be prevented as much as possible.
  • This innovative product is sugar-free and fluoride-free and may be used twice daily to combat tooth decay. The absence of real sugar often found in many types of toothpaste can help those with diabetes feel confident about this product.
  • It is pleasant-tasting toothpaste with a secretly-guarded spearmint flavor; this helps make daily brushing a refreshing pleasure. After brushing, people enjoy a cleaner mouth with fresher breath. Plus, the Xylitol in this toothpaste helps prevent plaque, tartar and tooth decay often seen in people with diabetes.
  • Some people using this tooth paste have compared it to the slippery-smooth fresh feeling enjoyed after a professional cleaning at the dentist’s office.
  • Dry mouth is another major concern for people with diabetes. This toothpaste contains no alcohol which often causes an unpleasant, dry-mouth feeling along with irritation after brushing.

Prevent tooth decay and appreciate a fresh feeling twice a day by brushing with sugar-free Epic Xylitol Toothpaste. Brushing regularly can reduce the risk of periodontal disease and other oral hygiene problems. ADW Diabetes is pleased to offer a variety of products including sugar-free toothpaste which could be beneficial for people with diabetes.

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