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One unpleasant side affect of uncontrolled diabetes is the presence of dry and cracked skin. Multiple problems occur due to elevated blood sugars. Due to high sugar, the body loses fluid because of frequent urination and this causes’ dehydration. The body is incapable of perspiring when it is dehydrated. The lack of oil production makes the skin dry. Reduced amounts of oil and sweat cause skin to dry out and eventually crack. The skin is an important protective organ and barrier to outside organisms. The cracks allow germs into the skin and are the start of various infections, including bacterial, fungal and viral. Increased blood sugar also can affect the integrity of the blood vessels, causing them to narrow and become damaged. The poor blood flow makes it difficult to get oxygen and nutrients to the area and healing is compromised. This condition is seen frequently in the lower legs and feet. Finally, white blood cells which are part of the immune system do not defend the body when the blood sugar is elevated. Dry skin causes increased itching which becomes a cycle difficult to break. The itching leads to scratching, inflammation, open wounds and finally ulceration. Prevention of this scenario is critical to help alleviate this serious problem.

Dermatologist tested Diachieve™ Foot Therapy Cream is specially formulated for people experiencing foot pain, itchiness and dryness associated with diabetes.

  • Topical analgesic foot cream providing temporary foot pain relief
  • 75% pure aloe vera gel to soothe, repair and protect skin
  • Emollient-rich moisturizers deeply penetrate to hydrate and promote cell repair
  • Vitamins and herbal botanicals nourish and soothe for healthier feeling skin

Moisturizers guard your feet against dryness, cracks and other potential foot problems to reduce the potential for infections. A touch of peppermint provides a cooling sensation to revitalize and make your feet feel fresh.

Why Use Diachieve?

  • Soothing
  • Gentle
  • Hydrating
  • Reduces roughness
  • Repairs skin and promotes cell regeneration
  • Contains peppermint which refreshes and revitalizes
  • Contains 75% aloe vera gel for over all skin protection

What to do to combat dry and cracked skin?

  1. Keep blood sugar levels in control with an A1C level between 6.5%-7.0%
  2. Use a mild and hydrating soap without perfume, alcohol, fragrance or deodorant. Make sure to wash and rinse soap off completely before drying.
  3. Use lukewarm water and check with your elbow prior to bathing especially if you have neuropathy. This will help prevent skin burns.
  4. Do not soak in the tub for long periods of time. This will dry out your skin. 5-10 minutes should be sufficient.
  5. Skin should not be rubbed, it should be patted dry. Make sure to get in all skin folds like under the arms, under the breasts and between toes. Fungus and yeast love dark, warm and moist areas.
  6. Drink sufficient fluids like water or sugar free beverages so that you have proper hydration. Check with your physician if you are on fluid restrictions.
  7. Consider using a humidifier in your bedroom especially if you live in a dry climate.
  8. Avoid lotions that contain color, perfume or alcohol.
  9. Apply a complete healing, soothing and skin rejuvenation cream like Diachieve, after your shower or bath when the skin is still moist. This will help absorption. Diachieve moisturizing diabetic skin cream contains 75% pure aloe vera gel which is known to help decrease the risk of infection, regenerate skin cell production, increase healing as well as reduce the chance of scarring. Diachieve will moisturize and soften which encourages healthy skin and reduced cracking.

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