CareSens N Blood Glucose Monitor and Test Strips

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The CareSens N Blood Glucose Monitor and Test Strips require a small blood sample with a quick testing time; it can help people with diabetes stay on track with their blood sugars. The CareSens glucose meter delivers fast, accurate results on a large digital screen which makes it convenient to read. This is a benefit for people with diabetes who may have vision problems. The affordable CareSens system offers simple blood glucose testing at home and on-the-go.

  • The CareSens N Blood Glucose Monitor and Test Strips require only 0.5uL of blood for accurate testing which is a very small amount. A convenient data port with test averaging provides meaningful information for people with diabetes and their care team. Important medication decisions can be made from these numbers.
  • CareSens N Meter and Test StripsThe glucose monitor and test strips deliver results quickly in just 5 seconds. No manual coding is required and the display screen will document numbers between 20-600mg/dL (1.1-33.3 mmol/L). Many meters just display “high” or “low” instead of the exact value. Users appreciate results that are unaffected by other sugars, such as maltose, for a more precise blood glucose reading. This is especially important for people who are on dialysis.
  • Testing is uncomplicated since the blood is automatically drawn into the test strip. The monitor calculates and displays multiple day test averages, along with pre-meal and post-meal numbers. The memory holds 250 test results. People can use this important information to detect patterns for improved diabetes management.
  • The monitor has 4 alarms to help remind users when to test their glucose levels. This includes 2 hours after meals and 3-time set alarms to ensure testing is done when needed. It has a beep sound to indicate when the monitor is turned on and off to avoid wasting energy.
  • Alternative site testing is possible, including the thigh, palm and forearm. Check with your health care provider to see if this is an option for you. The monitor and test strips kit include a quick reference guide, CareSens N Glucose Meter, 50 test strips, (2) batteries and a carrying case.

Get fast, accurate results that require very little blood when you choose the CareSens N Blood Glucose Monitor and Test Strips. A simple easy-to-read display, alarm features and extended memory make managing diabetes easier. ADW Diabetes strives to offer excellent products that can help simplify your diabetes self-management plan.

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