Accubase A1C Test Kit

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The AccuBase A1C Test Kit is a non-fasting method to check for abnormal homoglobins. The test reports an A1C answer and calculates average Glucose in mg/dl units. You simply stick your finger, take the test and mail it in. The entire process is streamlined, fast and accurate.

Most doctors recommend people with diabetes test their AIC at least four times a year. It is important to check how your blood sugar is being controlled over an extended period of time. Balanced blood sugar falls within a healthy range, which is the goal of all people with diabetes. If your blood sugar is high, there are steps to take to lower it. Knowing when to lower your blood sugar helps minimize your risk of developing diabetes-related health problems in the future. Your doctor will give you a target A1C.

The AccuBase A1C Test Kit monitors the average concentration of glucose in your blood for the past sixty to ninety days. The A1C at home test kit is FDA/OTC approved with no prescription required. Just stick your finger to take a sample then mail it to a CAP participating, CLIA certified diabetes specialty lab. Samples remain stable for 30 days and are sent right away by standard first class mail.

Lab results come in within 24 hours of receipt of your sample. The lab reports can be emailed as a PDF file, faxed or mailed. Each AccuBase A1C Test Kit contains instructions for use so you feel confident you’re doing it right.

The A1C at home test kit includes a disposable lancet, capillary tube with holder, lab ID form, sample preservative vial, insulator tube, bio-hazard bag and a convenient pre-addressed, postage paid sample mailer.

Get accurate information about your blood sugar, when you need it, with the AccuBase A1C Test Kit.

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