Accu Chek Test Strips, The Next Stage In Blood Testing

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When you think about it, the entire process for diabetes testing is rather inconvenient, disorganized, and unpleasant. Typical blood sugar (glucose) test strips are used once, and if they’re touched, they must be discarded. So, you’re forced to purchase replacement diabetic test strips, thereby draining your bank account.

But with Accu Chek Test Strips, this waste is eliminated, as these diabetic testing strips can be touched. Accu Chek Test Strips were designed with patients in mind. You’ll be very impressed by the form and function of these glucose test strips. For the widest selection of Accu Chek Test Strips and other diabetes management tools, click on ADW Diabetes today!

How Accu Chek Test Strips Improve Sample Testing

It’s easy to say that Accu Chek Test Strips can transform the entire process of blood drawing and analysis. But these attributes actually reward patients’ convenience and healthcare. Here are some of the benefits of these diabetic testing strips:

  • Superior Shape & Size – Accu Chek Test Strips are designed to be curved. So, these glucose test strips can better fit users’ fingers, allowing for simpler, more convenient blood drawing. And as these diabetic test strips can be touched, without the risk of damage, they can be used by all ages.
  • Less Pain Experienced – With Accu Chek Test Strips, patients can apply much smaller sample sizes of blood. That’s because these diabetes testing tools utilize an exclusive capillary action; this actually “pulls” blood into the test strip. As a result, you’ll notice far less pain, and a simplified blood drawing process, in general.
  • Accuracy Encouraged: One unique feature enjoyed by Accu Chek Test Strips’ users is the exclusive yellow indicator window. When it’s full, you know that there is sufficient blood for accurate testing results. Accu Chek Test Strips provide up to 15 seconds to reapply blood, eliminating the need for painful retesting. And, Accu Chek Test Strips sport eight electrodes for more accurate results; they even function at extreme temperatures (57 -104 degrees).

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