Blood Glucose Meters: Accu-Chek Sets Standard

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Why do you need to continually test your blood sugar levels with a blood (glucose) meter? According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), routine (daily) blood testing, such as that with Accu Chek blood glucose meters, is vital for healthy glucose management. The ADA recommends these blood glucose meter levels:

  • Before meal – 70 – 130 mg/dL2 (milligrams per deciliter)
  • After meal – less than 180 mg/dL2

The results displayed on users’ Accu Chek blood glucose meters are influenced by age, activity level, and their state of health. Once the numbers display on your Accu Chek blood glucose meter, you’ll instantly know how your glucose levels are affected. This Accu Chek diabetes data determines how your body responds to food, medication, stress, and activity. The Accu Chek glucose meter line enables effective organization and tracking. All Accu Chek meters are available at ADW Diabetes, at impressively low prices!

Selecting the Ideal Accu Chek Blood Glucose Meters

You’ll find that the Accu Chek glucose meter line offers a wealth of options. But the question of which Accu Chek monitor to choose ultimately depends on your personal preferences:

  • Prefer Accu Chek meters for quicker, more convenient blood drawing? Accu Chek meters simplify the entire process. As each model comes preloaded with lancets (needles), users just have to load the attached drum. With Accu-Chek meters, you can test your glucose levels without coding or loading accu check testing strips. And, diabetics with arthritis will appreciate the quicker blood drawing, and the easy-to-use grips.
  • Prefer Accu Chek meters that reduce testing pain and discomfort? Accu Chek meters enable users to draw blood from alternate areas, specifically those with less nerve endings (like the forearm). Accu Chek meters also employ another unique feature; a special needle that promotes more personalized, precise, and smooth entry, regardless of skin type.
  • Prefer Accu Chek meters for more accurate testing? Accu Chek monitor technology incorporates memory directly sent from computers. After applying blood samples to the testing strip, Accu Chek meters alert you once you’re finished. You’ll then have an additional five seconds to apply blood. The results will then appear in the Accu Chek meter display screen.

ADW Has Accu Chek Meters For Less

With all of these benefits, who could resist blood testing with Accu Chek meters? We carry the entire range of Accu Chek products including Accu Chek Compact Plus meters & testing strips. Explore our inventory at ADW Diabetes today!

Accu Chek Compact Plus Blood Glucose Meters

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